Have you always wanted children?

Well, you can have mine.  They are really trying my patience today. 

Boeta is struggling to adapt to life outside of hospital.  Carien is 2 years old.  Need I say more?

Today my mom, Carien and I went to Marli’s (my sister-in-law) stork party.  We all had a great time, but Carien most of all.  She was pretty and cute and got lots of attention.  What more could a princess ask for? 

Well, today she asked for a lot more.  Mostly everything she couldn’t have and if it was something that she could have, she changed her mind upon receiving it.  Fun.

Boeta on the other hand wanted nothing and just gave grief.  Everything was too this or too that or just too. 

By this afternoon I politely cracked up.  Meaning that Wouter asked me something, I gave a snappy answer, he asked what was wrong and I burst into tears.  Whereupon Carien promptly burst into tears as well and wanted nothing but mommy.  And frankly, I didn’t want her at that point.

Fortunately I am married to a very understanding man with a wonderful sense of self-preservation.  He kept the children away from their homicidal mother while said mother (that would be me) took a moment to think of reasons why I love my children.  Eventually I came up with a good one:  I’m their mother.  It’s my job. 

So I took a deep breath and got on with the job.

I have a big problem looming.  We’ve been invited to talk at the Sonnekus Dutch Reformed church tomorrow.  It is their big yearly devotion service.  Instead of a sermon there with be the two of us, describing our journey and how we’ve been changed.  I have no idea what to talk about.  I keep on thinking of topics and discarding them.  I suppose this is where I have to relax and trust that the Lord will show me what to say.  Because at this moment I am seriously considering letting Wouter do the whole thing by himself.