Shock and horror! Today went according to plan.

And that just about sums it up.  I am speechless.

Well, mostly speechless.  I have to tell you about the details of today after all.

If every hospital visit could be as obstacle-less as this one I would be one happy oncomom.  We got to hospital, the admission took minutes (thank you Bianca!), the Broviac worked like a dream (a good dream), the blood results were back quickly, Boeta barely noticed the GCSF booster injection, the Vincristine was mixed and ready in no time and through all of it we had Sharon looking after us.  That woman is gifted.

Boeta initially wasn’t going to get Vincristine because his blood levels are so bad.  But following the results Cristina decided that he could get it.  His Hb is 8.0, white cells 0.4 (a 400% increase and he is still neutropenic! 😀 ) and platelets about 90.  Since the white cells are starting to increase things are looking well.

On Friday when we found out that Boeta’s platelets were that low (14) Cristina phoned to ask about his general well-being.

C:  (very concerned, so her accent is heavier than usual)  How is he?

S:  Fine.  He is eating and playing.

C:  (shocked)  He plays?  He eats?

S:  Yeah.  If it wasn’t for the bruises I wouldn’t have suspected his levels were that low.

C:  How is his sister?

S:  Healthy.  No sniffles or anything.

C:  That is good. 

S:  (laughing)  I thought you would like that!


C:  He is playing???

S:  Yes.

C:  I am taking 2 Panado for the shock.  And a glass of wine.  I am standing outside.  I had to get fresh air after seeing the results.

S:  (laughs)  I think you should have another glass of wine!

C:  It still won’t be enough to make me feel better.

S:  How about another bottle?

C:  Oh no!  I have to work.  I am taking a Panado and two glasses of wine.


I think that will be my motto from now on. 

“One Panado and Two Glasses of Wine”.

Maybe I should  try it now…  See you around!


2 Responses

  1. I’m glad you had a great hospital visit according to plan.

  2. Hi everyone

    Glad to hear you had a great day!

    I wanted to do something to create awareness for childhood cancer awareness month being Sep and i thought of each day, doing a little entry on a warrior, angel or survivor to create awareness – would it be ok with you if i did an entry on Wouter on our blog? Totally up to you, let me know what you think! Have a awesome day ! God Bless love Samm

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