Feet of clay and all that

When W-squared got home today I was informed that

1.  Boeta has to be cotton wooled.  He has no immunity and we have to be extra careful.

2.  I was allowed to phone Gerrit before 12:00 and after 14:00.  His phone was “going for servicing” during the 2 hours that the TriNations rugby game took place.

Me being me I just couldn’t let it go at that.  So at 11:55 I phoned him. 

S:  Hallo Gerrit!

G:  Suzanne.  You have 4 minutes to say what you have to say.

S:  But I wanted to talk for 5 minutes?

G:  Oh what  a pity, I have to go now.  I have an important incoming call.

And here I thought he was an upstanding citizen that wouldn’t lie to the mother of his favourite patient.  Feet of clay, I tell you.

The actual reason that I called him was because Woutertjie was complaining about a sore throat.  So this afternoon when Gerrit did his ward rounds he had a look at Boeta.  All seems fine and Boeta received his second booster injection.


3 Responses

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a rough weekend. Hope he gets home soon

  2. Soooo bly jy kon deur al die drama’s ‘n tydjie vir ons kuier inpas. Dit was baie lekker om jou weer te sien, al moes jy redelik verdeeld gewees het deur die hele middag. Ons is baie lief vir julle. Onthou ons koffie belofte. Just say, or sms the word!!
    Sterkte vir jou week, dink aan jou.

  3. Hello , just saying hello and letting you know that we still continue to pray for you all! The train pics are awesome, Deqlan also LOVES trains! Praying for a peaceful and happy and uneventful week for you all! God Bless, mark Samm Deqlan Logan

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