Theme for the week – SURPRISE!!!

Do you ever get the feeling that you are living a script from a movie?  It may be a thriller (adrenaline-phobe goes bungee jumping).  It may be a romantic comedy (they meet and then life happens).  It may be a horror movie (shopaholic opens credit card statements).  It may even be a ’70s classic (Andrew does maths).  In our case, this week we lived a documentary:  Coping with Life’s Crisises – Dealing with Surprise.

Today was the cherry on top of quite an unusual week.

First we had the Broviac on strike on Monday.  On Tuesday we had a totally unexpected red cell transfusion.  Wednesday and Thursday mostly behaved themselves – there is a possibility that I was just too drugged to notice.  But they made up for all their restraint today!

Let me start with Woutertjie’s contribution.  When I tucked him in for a nap this afternoon I noticed a bruise on his head, but thought that he just hit his head or something.  When he woke his trouser leg moved up and I saw this:



Multiple bruises = low platelets

Low platelets = immediate platelet transfusion

Boeta insisted that we take a picture of the two of them together before we could do anything else.


After the photo session Wouter took Boeta to hospital for a full blood count.  They came home to wait for the results and pack their bags.  By now we know that upsets like this result in hospitalisation.  Turns out his haemoglobin is 8.4, his white cell count is 0.1 and platelets 14.  In other words, time for a platelet transfusion and urgent intervention in the form of GCSF boosters.  He started his first of 5 shots tonight.  He hates it.  Wouter and wouter are staying over in hospital tonight.  As I’ve told you before, from when they decide to do a transfusion to when it actually happens takes hours.  And hours.  So when the platelets finally arrive they will start the transfusion and it will run while Boeta is sleeping.

While all of this went down Stephanie sent me a message.  We spent about half an hour talking this morning, mostly discussing the upcoming birth of their first baby on Tuesday (1 September).  She was feeling “funny” but had a lot of things to do before the weekend and her daughter’s birth in 3 days’ time.  I thought I would be doing her a favour to not tell her that for me, “funny” at 39 weeks meant iminent labour…

At 15:30 she sent me a message to inform me that her caesar was happening at 17:00.  It is hard being me, always knowing best.

Welcome Lyndalize!  And congratulations Steph and Charles!


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  1. Carien is pragtig!

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