I learned an important lesson

When you get given a sleeping pill and the doctor tells you to drink it at 20:00, don’t wait until 23:00 before you take it.

I knew I didn’t sleep well, but I never realised how badly.  Carien shares our bed (the only way that she sleeps) and she checks on whether I am lying next to her every hour or so by having a midnight snack.  She is a constant night time breastfeeder.  I know that she does it because she misses me and wants the security of knowing that I am close.  But knowing it doesn’t make me sleep any better.

I was given a prescription for sleeping medication by my doctor.  She thought that a couple of hours of good sleep might be beneficial to my coping powers.  Maybe I should’ve mentioned that I am very easily sedated.  Some people don’t feel codeiene at all.  Some get mildly sleepy and may yawn.  I sleep.  If the label mentions a possible sedative effect, you can rest assured that I would indeed rest assured.

Admittedly, the last while I’ve been pretty immune to anything sleep-related.

I remember nothing about last night.  I can’t remember waking up a single time.  Carien must’ve gotten a bit of meds through my milk because she too slept like the proverbial baby.  Maybe it was just because I slept peacefully that she also did.  She likes to have something solid and non-moving next to her.  And I wasn’t moving anywhere.  This morning Boeta woke me with his customary body function related requests.  I suspect he repeated himself quite a number of times before I responded.  And I was auto-piloting myself through the motions because I definately wasn’t awake.  Carien was still sleeping so I got back into bed.  Eventually Boeta realised that no one was going to entertain him so he joined us in bed and he too fell asleep again.

We woke up at 08:30.  And I am using “woke up” in the broadest possible sense.  I needed lots of caffeine to keep my eyes open! 

Moral of the story?  There is a reason why they tell you to take medicine at a certain time of day.  Maybe the doctors know better after all.  But only sometimes.  Mostly I know best.  *insert cheeky grin*


3 Responses

  1. Klink of julle almal die rus regtig nodig gehad het!!!
    Lief julle!
    Groete vir Wouter van Sumari af, sy vra gedurig oor hom.xx

  2. Ek onthou toe die dok ‘n slaappil vir my ma voorgeskryf het – sy het dit gedrink en was nog besig om haar ander pille uit te sorteer toe sy sommer so sittend aan die slaap geraak het. Vir die res van die nag het ek kort-kort gekyk of sy ok is, terwyl sy die slaap van die totaal onskuldiges … eh, gesedeerdes … geslaap het. Ek was poot uit, sy was so wakker soos ‘n akker die volgende dag met geen herinnering van hoe sy in die bed gekom het nie.

  3. Love your posts, you really need to get yourself a publisher one of these days 😉

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