Lesson for the day: Expect the unexpected

If you asked me yesterday morning what today held I would’ve told you that I had an appointment from 15:00 to 16:00 but that was it.

In the end today looked like this:

05:00  My alarm goes off – Wouter has to get up and wasn’t sure that his cell phone battery would last.  I get up and go wake Wouter in Boeta’s bed.  This musical beds thing is really getting old.

05:01  Wouter’s cell phone alarm goes off in our room where both children are sleeping in our bed.  I bash myself a beautiful bruise on the thigh in my rush to get to it before the children wake up.

06:00  Boeta wakes up and wakes me up to inform me that it is dark and I should sleep.  Thank you, darling.

07:00  I give up trying to snooze with a 4-year old loudly telling me about his body functions (Mamma!  Ek wil booollllliiieeee!!!!!  –  Mamma!  Ek het klaar gebooolllliiiieeee!!!!!  –  Mamma!  Vee af my boudeeeeee!!!!!  –  Asseblief Mammmmmaaaaa!!!!!) and demanding milk.  White milk (not flavoured) in a bottle.

07:15  Carien also wakes up and immediately makes a grab for my boobs.  She then gives me a milky grin and says “Hajjo Mamma.  Ekke wakke.  Ekke djink mie-ja-oe-kies (melkies).”

08:00  Everyone is dressed and we hit the road to my parents.

09:00  I arranged authorization from Discovery (medical aid) for today’s repeat performance and Boeta and I drive to hospital.

10:00  I have to redo the whole admission procedure at hospital.  And like yesterday I get a new staff member.  The old ones see us walking through the doors and start prepping the things so long.  These new ones take forever and doesn’t understand that I know more about their procedures than they know themselves.  Eish.

10:30  Boeta makes himself comfortable in his hospital bed.  Shoes off.  Socks off.  Get into bed.  Pull duvet up to chin level.  Lie back.  Watch DVDs.  Toddler heaven.

11:00  Nimpie (Sr Harris) tries to inject heparin/saline mixture through his Broviac.  Yesterday she couldn’t get anything in.  Today it flows.  With some resistance, but it works. 

11:20  Nimpie can’t get a single drop of anything back through the tube.  We decide to run some saline through the line to see if it improves the flow.

12:00  The saline runs very well (100 ml/hour) with no back-pressure.  They decide to run the Vincristine next, whether we get bloods done today or not.

12:30  Vincristine finishes and is flushed with more saline.  Nimpie tries to draw blood and it works like a charm.  Prayer works, people!  We leave as soon as possible

13:00  We get to my parents’ where Boeta decides to take a nap with my dad.  They’ve been bed-buddies since Boeta was a couple of months old.

13:30  Debbie (staff nurse Kluyts) phones.  She tells me to get back to hospital.  Boeta’s Hb is 6.4 (!!!!!) and he needs to get a transfusion today.  We didn’t draw blood for cross matching this morning so we have to go back to get the blood drawn.  Woutertjie wasn’t asleep yet so off we went.

14:10  Nimpie draws the blood.  It goes very well.  We rush back home.

14:40  I drop Boeta off at my parents’ and rush to Durbanville for my 15:00 appointment. 

16:30 I get back to my parents’.  The blood isn’t ready yet.  Nimpie will phone when we have to go back.

17:15  Wouter arrives at my parents’.  We have coffee, Nimpie phones to say that it is time and Wouter and Boeta goes to hospital.  Carien and I go to our home.

18:30  The transfusion starts.  It will run for 4 hours.

22:15  Wouter says Boeta has been asleep for 2 hours already.  As soon as the transfusion ends they are coming home. 

23:30  The boys finally get home. 

Not bad for a day where nothing was supposed to happen, né?

Oh, by the way, Boeta is in isolation again.  His white cells are 0.4 and his platelets around 90.  At least his mood should improve after the bag (240ml) of “packed red blood cells”. 

Good night everyone!


4 Responses

  1. Absolutely hectic!! Hope his mood improves quickly

  2. Keeping you all in our prayers!

  3. Dank Vader die poort werk weer. Sjoe jong, ek sou dit nie gemaak het nie. Jy en Wouter verdien medaljes!

  4. Prayed for the Broviac. At least that bit worked well!

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