Reach for a Dream

What a fabulous day!  The rain stopped just in time and we had so much fun!  I still can’t upload videos.  If you want to see I’ll email you! 😉

Boeta is absolutely infatuated with trains at the moment and has been this whole year.  So the Reach for a Dream people arranged the most awesome day for him.

Western Province Live Steamers is situated in Parow in Cape Town (about 2km from Panorama MediClinic where he is being treated).  It is the most amazing place.  A lot of train enthusiasts build and operate miniature trains there.  Built exactly to scale, they have to make every single part of the trains themselves.  The first Saturday of every month they have open days.  Whenever possible we are there!  The downside is that there are very few first-Saturday-of-the-months that Boeta’s white cell count is adequate for him to spend time in the company of lots of strangers.  So in this whole year we only managed to go twice.

Today they opened up just for us.  We had such fun! 

Boeta and I waiting with Bernard for the first train to arrive

Ek Boeta Bernard

Getting all steamed up.  My mom and sister Liezel (Lielie) are ready to go.  Carien is on her way to Ouma to demand a ride!  The Reach for a Dream ladies are taking photos.


A closer look at the steam train that we used.  There are about 70 of them, all different sizes and shapes.  It took 5 years to build this one.

stoomtrein 3

The train needs to be filled with water and coal.  Boeta always watched from afar, but today he could participate.  He was a bit skittish at first…

Boeta help

… but before long he was helping.  The train drivers were wonderful with him.

Boeta gee water

A closer look.

stoomtrein 2

The tiny pressure gauge is the only bought part on the whole train…  Look at the coals burning!

stoomtrein 1

Boeta assumes the co-driver position.


A regal wave before leaving.

Co-driver waves goodbye

From left to right we have Tiesies, her boyfriend Fanie, Carien, Lielie (standing), Berno, Adriaan, Boeta and the driver.

L B T F en kinders

The kids ready to go again.  In fact, Adriaan didn’t get off once!  After every trip, as the train started decelerating to pull into the “station”, Adriaan started complaining…

Kinders in 'n ry

Berno probably enjoyed the outing even more than Adriaan.  But while Ada spent his day riding, Berno checked out the railway system, looked at the technical bits and took photos…

Op pad

Tiesies trying very hard to take a picture with everyone looking in the same direction at the same time.  More difficult than it sounds…

Tif probeer 'n foto neem

Boeta being shown how to drive the electric train.

elektries 2

Doing it by himself.

elektries 1

Pulling into the station.


Boeta received a whole bunch of presents from Reach for a Dream, sponsored by Pick’nPay.  He put his Bob the Builder stuff on immediately and started referring to himself as “I, Bob the Builder”.  Nothing wrong with his imagination!  He also received the most awesome Thomas the Tank Engine train set.  He has a set already, but this is the big daddy one.  And best of all, they got him a Thomas that actually steams.  He hasn’t stopped smiling and our whole house is full of tracks.


This photo was taken about 10 minutes after we left the trains.  He was so tired and so happy.

rfad boeta slaap

Thank you so much to Reach for a Dream, Western Province Live Steamers and everyone involved in making today so very special.  We appreciate it more than words could ever say.

WP live steamers

The coordinates are 33°53’41.32″S  18°34’33.21″E according to Google Earth.  Go visit them.  You will love it.


11 Responses

  1. Can’t wait for the photos!!!

  2. yes please !!!!!

  3. yes please Suzanne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Please mail me!

  5. WOW!!!! What a great gift for your “big boy”! I can just imagine smiles on his face and complete happiness that is being a little boy with a whole lota trains….know my train enthusiast would have loved every minute of it. The last photo asleep in the car says it all – contented peace.
    Best wishes
    L, A and T

  6. 10 hoeras vir Reach for a Dream!

  7. He looks super chuffed! What a lovely day.

  8. that is amazing

  9. That last pic really says it all. One little boy who had a day he’ll remember forever.

    Now why am *I* crying? 🙂

  10. Great – very very nice

  11. I bought that little steam engine I am glad it has brought someone so much joy

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