Carien’s 2nd birthday

Happy birthday my little ray of sunshine. 

Today 2 years ago you surprised everyone by making me go into labour on the date that the caesar was planned.  You just couldn’t wait and you still can’t!  Patience may be a virtue, but it isn’t yours. 

You have blessed us in so many ways.  We love you so much!


After we got home from hospital our house went into overdrive to get ready for Carien’s party the next day.  She loved being the belle of the ball and chose her own birthday outfit.

Carien en Boeta

Initially Carien insisted on a train cake, not because she likes trains that much but because she copies whatever anyone else does.  Eventually I managed to convince her that a flower cake would be better.

Carien koek

Carien en die koek

For some reason WordPress won’t allow me to upload a video.  As soon as everyone started singing to her she burst into tears.  It was adorable!  She went from smiling to crying in half a second.  I didn’t expect a drama queen of her calibre to have stage fright.

Here she is with her favourite gift – make-up.  Notice her dainty grip on the brush.

Carien en haar makeup

Everyone else is playing outside, but Carien is still applying make-up.  The grip isn’t that dainty anymore.

Carien mooi gemaak

The finished masterpiece.

Carien mooi

Al die maatjies


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  1. Looks like she had a wonderful time!! Love that cake!

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