What a wonderful day

And we may just go home tomorrow!

Today I went for lunch and a dose of sanity with Annie and Stephanie, my left and right crutches in life.  We’ve known each other since our varsity days.  In other words, for a very long time.  They are both very pregnant at the moment.  I just look pregnant.  So I fit right in! 😀  We had a good very good time.

My mom and Carien came visiting in hospital today.  Boeta was screaming with joy when I told him they were coming.  Carien has been asking after him continuously and they really enjoyed each other!  After the 5 GCSF booster injections his white cell count is now just shy of 5.  His Hb and platelets are still low though.  Until today he kept on getting fevers during the afternoon.  Today it threatened (37.5) and then cleared.  Happiness!  So I am very hopeful that we might go home tomorrow.  About time too.  It is Carien’s second birthday on Thursday.  We have to have a party!

Boeta and the nursing sister that’s been looking after him while we were stuck on our ownsome in the adult ward have really hit it off.  Nimpie (what an unusual name!) has entertained him no end!  They shot pieces of paper across the room with elastic bands, they discussed deep issues like the virtues of green Doritos versus yellow Doritos and when I got back today the two of them were sitting on improvised chairs (upside down dustbins with blankets on top) watching Tom & Jerry cartoons.  Toddler bliss!


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