The merits of blogging

There are many side-effects to blogging.  Primarily I do it for myself, to have a record of what our family went through this year.  And so that I can guilt-trip the children one day into booking us into a very nice retirement village during the times that they aren’t paying for our worldwide travels.

Something I didn’t consider when I started was that it would also give the outside world a pretty intimate view of our lives.  You know about Carien’s potty training, Boeta’s insides and Wouter’s knack of saying the wrong thing to me at the right time (how could I ever forget being told that I confuse him when I am nice to him?).  And you know everything that I think and feel. 

I find it quite difficult to interact face to face with my avid blog readers.  Number 1, you’ve already read everything that I could possibly tell you.  That makes finding conversation topics a bit of a struggle.  And number 2, you know too much about me.  You probably wouldn’t guess from the way I throw open my life on the www, but I am usually very private about things close to me.  I talk a lot but I say little.  I will tell you everything about my bruised foot but not a word about my broken heart.  I will wax lyrical about the flowers that Wouter brought home but keep my work stresses quiet.  I used to go through life with lots of “secrets” that I would only discuss with Wouter and maybe my mom.

I feel very exposed these days!  I can’t simply put on a happy face and act like all is well, because you read that all isn’t well.  For some reason I fully support other people feeling vulnerable but me being vulnerable would be a sign of weakness.  It doesn’t make sense, I know.  I never claimed to be all that logical.

So let’s get to the pros of blogging.  It is like therapy in a box.  I talk continuously about myself and then I feel better.  And the computer doesn’t talk back or take smoke breaks or tries to tell me about its budding love life.  Speaking of which, I forgot to disconnect from the internet the other day.  My computer now has its eye on a similarly well-connected machine.  They’ve swopped IP addresses but they are keeping it quiet.  She is a Dell and her family wouldn’t support her liaison with a Siemens.  They might just boot her.


8 Responses

  1. Suzanne, not that this will be any consolation, your blog helps us to know what to pray for and that gives us a sense that in some small way we are contributing. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for blogging. I learn so much from you and I draw so much inspiration from you, you are simply amazing (even if you don’t always feel that way).

  3. Ag nee Zani, jy’t my nou weer in trane gehad met die post oor die instekers en almal daarna. Ek’s verskriklik lief vir jou. Verskriklik. xxx

  4. Suzanne, jou blog is belangrik vir ons en vir jou…soos Elmarie gese het: dit gee ons idees waarvoor om te bid en dit laat ons weet waarmee jy en jou familie sukkel op die oomblik. Almal wat hierie paadjie saam met julle stap, kan nie altyd fisies by julle wees nie, maar deur die blog kan hulle julle ondersteun!! Moenie exposed of oopgevlek voel aan die wereld nie – die mensdom se natuur is om om te gee en as almal net ‘n vriendelike gesiggie opsit, kan die mensdom nie sy om gee doen nie! So, moenie exposed voel nie – jy en jou familie gee vir ons as mensdom, die rede om ons naastes lief te he en te support!!! Soos wat dit bedoel is om te wees!!!!

  5. Suzaan, jy’s ongelooflik dapper en sterk. Jy maak jou hart oop vir ons. Dankie daarvoor!…Al laat dit jou kwesbaar en broos voel. Ons gesin bid gedurig vir julle. Sonder die blog sou ons nie geweet het om vir julle te bid nie.
    Ek hoop die reën die afgelope twee dae het ook jou gemoed gelig. Mag jy vandag ‘n giggel-geel-gousblom-dag hê! 🙂

  6. There is something special for you over at my blog:

  7. In die ontbloting van jou siel is jy een van die kragtigste instrumente wat ek nog in God se hande gesien het. Ek dink nie jy weet hoeveel jou blogs jou lesers se harte raak en verander nie.

    Sterkte Vriendin, en baie, baie liefde.

  8. I thought that I would fall to pieces when 5 weeks ago our Beautiful Boy was critically injured in a motor vehicle accident.
    He received major injuries some of which he will never fully recover from.
    I was finding it hard until my cousin email me and three words she wrote made a difference in the way I was thinking. Those words were,
    ‘He Is Here’ and she said that is what truly mattered.
    I often repeat those words to my self for it is true, and they have really helped, and for the injuries he received he is now doing amazingly well.
    Although my Son’s life will never be the same “He Is Here” and for that I know we have been truly blessed.
    My heart goes out to all the BRAVE parents like yourself who have got a much tougher and unknown road to walk then we have, however try to remember you don’t have to walk it along, so grab a hand or the hands of the people that are there to love and support you and walk it together.
    Your Little Man is also here, and you are here for him and you will find that you have got more strength then you ever thought possible, and see if saying to yourself “He Is Here” will help you also.

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