Hallo Fever my old friend, you’ve come to haunt us once again

*to be sung to the tune of The Sound of Silence*

Wouter stayed with Woutertjie last night.  Wouter’s dad does the week night sleeps and Wouter the weekend ones.  This morning Wouter phoned me after Cristina’s ward round.  She is very happy with Boeta’s progress and if it wasn’t that he had more GCSF shots coming she would’ve sent him home today.  But she decided to be conservative and keep him one more day.

I went to hospital with the firm knowledge that we would go home tomorrow.  But then Woutertjie felt strangely warm to me…

Yip, he has fever again.  After 2 days with no fever.  He doesn’t seemed bothered.  He is chatty and playful but his fever keeps hovering around 38C.  That child of mine! *shakes head*

I don’t see going home tomorrow as a possibility anymore. 

My sister Liezel, her husband and their son Adriaan are visiting my parents this weekend.  Carien calls Adriaan “Ada” and adores him.  When she couldn’t find him for a moment today she cried “Ada!  My Ada!”  They are so sweet together.  Ada is 3 months younger than Carien, who is turning 2 on Thursday (13 August).  Today she told me that she wanted a Thomas cake for her birthday.  A train cake.  I kid you not.  What a little copycat!

Cristina asked me earlier this week if she could borrow all Boeta’s scans and x-rays and sonars and things.  She mentioned Boeta’s case to a cardiologist who told her that it wasn’t possible for Boeta’s heart to recover the way it did.  So she is going to write Boeta up as a case study.  Whoop whoop, my son is going to be famous.  Anonymously famous but that is not the point. 

Have you noticed how many times I use the phrase “that is not the point”?  There are a lot of pointless things in my life, obviously.  Right now I am going to fall into bed and ponder all those blunt objects.  See ya soon.


One Response

  1. I hope the fever disappears soon and you can all get to go home. Remember you are past halfway mark now and every day is one day closer to end of treatment.

    Wow, how cool that they are going to be doing this case study of your little man!

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