I hereby nominate Perfalgan for the Nobel Prize for Sanity

FYI:  paracetamol  =  Panado  =  Empaped           =  Perfalgan

                                     syrup        suppositories        IV (in a drip)

What a day.

Firstly, I had to be at hospital at 05:45 because Wouter had his first meeting for the day at 06:30.  I am so not a morning person.  I got to the hospital, saw Wouter off and got some milk for Boeta.  He drank the milk and promptly vomited it all over.  Do you know how far and wide 150ml of milk goes?  So I held him, cleaned him up, put him back into his bed and got into Wouter’s bed.  And then Boeta and I slept until 08:00.

Boeta received 240ml of blood last night.  It managed to push his Hb up to 8.7 – better but still not normal.  His white cells dropped even further overnight and is 0.2 now and his platelets dropped to 46.  He started with GCSF booster injections today to try and jump start his bone marrow again.

My little pumpkin was so sick today.  He was constantly vomiting and the Zofran did little to help.  Since his platelets are so low he can’t get suppositories and he was too nauseous to drink the Panado syrup.  And the higher his fever went the worse he felt.  Eventually they started him on Perfalgan.  Oh my word.  As the first drops hit his bloodstream he started perking up. 

I feel like such a bad mommy.  On Sunday he told me that his head was going to fall off.  I thought it was a joke, like when he pulls his hand up into his sleeve and then tells me that his hand is missing.  So I told him to hold his head up with both his hands.  The rest of the day he was walking around with his head in his hands.  I was thinking that the joke became a bit old.  Now I know that his Hb was so low that he literally didn’t have the energy to hold his head up. 

In the same vein I also didn’t realise that he was in pain.  But seeing how much better he looked and felt once the pain medicine kicked in I feel so bad.  He never talks about anything that hurts him but today he (eventually) told me that his throat hurt.  It was a first.  Do you know how sore it must be for him to actually talk about it?

His nose was swabbed for a viral PCR.  On one hand I am hoping that he has the flu since he can then be treated.  The hospital has Tamiflu in stock for high risk patients.  Boeta qualifies.

On a completely different note, my sister-in-law Zani is having her baby tomorrow!  Daniel is scheduled to arrive by caesar at 07:00.  Please say a prayer for mother and baby.  Gerrit is the attending paediatrician.  I like that.  I like him and I know that he will take good care of my children’s brand new cousin!


4 Responses

  1. Hugs, thoughts and prayers. Hang in there. I’m sure he will feel better really soon.

  2. Hugs, have tears on my face…all I can say is be strong! He will feel better soon!

  3. And MORE HUGS, thoughts and prayers.

    Any idea how long until the test results come back?? Sure he’ll start feeling better soon. Hang in there!!!

  4. Stywe drukkies en baie gebed. Sterkte – mag jy en Boeta spoedig beter voel.
    Bid en dink BAIE aan julle

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