Surprise! We are back in hospital

I took Boeta for his routine weekly blood tests today.  Last night he was slightly warmer than usual for him but he seemed in good spirits and was playing with Carien.  This morning he looked and felt sick.

I am usually the last person to notice that Boeta is pale.  This morning even I couldn’t miss it.  So off we went to the hospital.  His results are shocking!  Hb 5.9 (a new record low for him), white cells 0.5 (neutrofils 0.38) and platelets 80.  They ordered red blood concentrate and started the transfusion as I left.  Wouter it sleeping over tonight.

Added to his blood results he is now feverish too.  The first question Gerrit asked was whether we were in contact with anyone with the flu…  Happiness.  Not.  If he starts showing any flu symptoms they are going to do a viral PCR and screen for H1N1 (swine flu). 

This week and next week were supposed to be our rest weeks.


4 Responses

  1. I wish I could offer more than big, warm HUGS!!!!!!!!!

    Thinking of you all!!

  2. All i can say is that i know how you feel. My son was diagnosed exactly a year ago with leukemia shortly after his 2nd birthday. For the past year he has had intense chemotherapy and only started his long term maintenance on Monday (that will continue until November 2011). We most certainly treasured our time off but somehow the devil always caused problems during that time. About 3 weeks ago Cole also had a blood transfusion as he was running high temps and his Hb was around 7, platelets were 10 and his neutrophils were only 0.04! I know you worried but TRUST IN THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR HEART and LEAN NOT UNTO YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING. I also feel very tired, weary and my cup is definately half emply! BUT i know the Lord can fill that cup and i continue to pray that he will renew my strength and fill my cup. Cole has a facebook group site that we also update should you want to take a look

    I will pray for you and your little boy.
    Take care

  3. Suzanne moet nie moed verloor nie . Woutertjie sal
    gesond word

  4. Hi julle
    ons dink almal baie aan julle. Gee vir Wouterjie ‘n drukkie.

    Spaceship tannies

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