What to say?

I feel drained.  Empty.  Wrung out.  I keep on hoping that I will feel better tomorrow, but tomorrow keeps on dawning with no improvement in my perceived level of fullness. 

I feel like the half full glass that is, indeed, half empty.

Oh well.  I am sure copious amounts of chocolate will fill the gap.  Eventually.


8 Responses

  1. I’m having that sort of a day too today for some reason. Hoping you have a better day soon!

  2. Sterkte vrou! Mag jy die Here se hartklop hoor soos Hy jou styf teen Sy Vaderbors druk.

  3. Ai, gaan vir ‘n vit B-komplks inspuiting. Dit help om die verlore energie terug te kry. Vas byt. Ons dink aan jou.xx

  4. Los die sjokolade en gaan stap om die blok. Jy weet ek is net so sjokolis soos jy, maar jy gaan net moeër voel as jy dit eet. Kry liewer bietjie oefening en vars lug.

    En kry jou agterwêreld by ‘n dok wat kan kyk na depressie simptome! Ek is ernstig, Suzanne, ek weet waarvan ek praat. Jy wil NIE in daai gat beland nie.

  5. Ditto op Elmarie se “response”

  6. Chin up my friend. I wish I could come and lighten the load for you for a bit.


  7. I hadn’t logged in for a while, I am thinking of you and Wouterjie and your family. Much love *Anique* and Dorje xxx

    And Ditto to what Elmarie says, fresh air will do you good 🙂

  8. ((HUGS)) Suzanne!!

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