Many weeks ago I told you about Winé (12 years old, pronounced Vinnay) who has brain cancer.  She has been receiving chemo and radiation but is weakening fast.  She was supposed to be scanned in 2 weeks’ time but today it was moved forward to tomorrow at 10:00.  I’ve been praying for complete healing for her for a while but lately I’ve started believing the stats and was sort of praying against my better judgement.

I am getting a very strong message tonight that I shouldn’t write off God’s omnipotence that easily.  Please join me in prayer begging for Winé’s life.  Her parents and younger brother are standing so strong in the midst of this storm in their lives.  Please pray for strength for them too.

I am leaving you with this picture of her, taken earlier this year before she was diagnosed.



6 Responses

  1. I often come here and read you story, it brings me to tears every time. You and your family are an inspiration. I wish you much strength.
    I will pray for Win’e.

  2. Adding é to the end of child’s name seems risky.

    Sorry, that’s just my twisted sense of humour. I’m praying for these two beautiful children. May God bless them and their families, and heal them if it be His will.

  3. Prayers!!!!

  4. My gebede is elke dag by Wine en haar familie. Niks is onmoontlik vir ons Vader nie. Met liefde.

  5. Ons dierbare bure, die Viljoens en veral Wine wat nou die dag nog saam met my spannetjie tou gespring het in die Kalahari. Ons glo saam met julle elke dag. Die Bybel vertel hoe, toe Jesus die melaatses net aangespreek het, hul bloed begin tintel het in hul are en hulle ‘n warm gevoel ervaar het. Ons glo en bid, nee ons smeek God dat Hy Wine ook so sal aanraak!!

  6. Ons is kennise van jul sus, Teresa, en weet hoe sy elke stap saam met julle voel. Ons bid vir julle, julle familie en vir Winé en dat die Here julle sal dra.

    Elsje Durrheim & Jill Sharpley
    FNB Private Clients, PE

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