Miracles in pictures

I’ve been planning on doing a different post today but it seems I am meant to do one on miracles. 

Today everything has driven me towards posting about Boeta’s miraculous healing.  I’ve been meaning to scan his before & after heart sonars for weeks but I never get round to doing it.  Tonight I found the scanner cables and the sonar pictures at the same time.  And the printer worked and everything added up to me being able to do it.

As I opened the CT scan envelope that I stored the sonar pictures in I came across the scan report.  For some reason I haven’t read it until now.  That is very strange since I even read the nurses’ notes in Boeta’s file.  Back in March when Cristina phoned us to say that Woutertjie was clear of cancer I was too overwhelmed to think clearly and apparently too overwhelmed to look for the scan report.

Tonight that report hit me between the eyes.  The amazement of the radiologist is very clear.  He was witness to a miracle.

CT report page 1

CT scan report page 2

And then the sonar pictures of his heart.

On 5 January 2009 his heart looked like this:

2009-01-05 Boeta hart sonar

The “upside down T shape”  (below the label “TV”) shows the division between the top two heart chambers and the bottom chambers.  The grey spot labelled “T” and with dotted lines across it is the tumour.  At the bottom of the picture you can see that it measured 3.05cm x 3.02cm.  The area labelled “RA” is the right atrium of the heart.  “IVC” is the inferior vena cava.  It is the vein that brings blood back into the heart.  As you can see the tumour was fast on its way to completely blocking it.

And here is the after sonar.  On 19 March his heart looked like this:

2009-01-19 Boeta hart sonar 2

Now suddenly you can see the division between the right atrium (RA) and the heart chamber left of it.  And best of all, note the doctor’s note on the left:  Geen tumor (No tumour).

Here is another view of his healthy “after” heart.

2009-03-19 Boeta hart sonar

Can you believe your eyes?  The doctors couldn’t.

Now I need your help.

Yesterday I met the newest addition to Cristina’s oncology creche.  Chanté is 1y9m and is the sweetest little angel imaginable.  She looks remarkably like Carien and she really got to me.  Chante

Chanté has rhabdomyosarcoma (same as Boeta) in her chest.  She started with chemo yesterday.  I planned on doing a prayer request post for her yesterday but I was just too emotional.  So I held Carien close and cried my heart out for that little baby who looks at her mom with her big brown eyes and doesn’t understand why she is being hurt.  And yet as soon as the hurt is done and the vomiting stops she smiles again.

Please pray for this little girl and her family.  Charlotte, her mother, is so strong in her faith that God will heal her baby.  I will definitely keep you posted on Chanté’s progress.


2 Responses

  1. Thank you for sharing your miracle. Keeping you in my prayers as always and I will keep Charlotte and her family in my prayers also in my prayers.

  2. Ai Suzanne, ek het die week nie een keer kans gehad om jou blog te lees nie. Ek is in trane nadat ek Boeta se verslag gelees het, maar ook in trane vir al hierdie ander kindertjies.

    Ek bid vir julle almal!

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