Wonderful, fabulous, inspiring news

Remember I told you about the two boys who receive chemo with Boeta?  They both have neuroblastoma that started in the abdomen and spread to the bone marrow.  About 2 weeks ago Duran had his CT scan and bone marrow biopsy.  His bone marrow is clean!  There is still a tumour but it is a lot smaller and not in the bone marrow.  This is fabulous news.

Today Enrico was scanned and biopsied.  His bone marrow results will only be back in a couple of days’ time but … *insert drumroll here* … his scan looks very good!  His bones are clear and there is calcification indicating dead tissue – dead tumour tissue!  There is still a small tumour that needs to be addressed and they will have a meeting with the doctors to decide on the road ahead when the bone marrow results are out.  This is the child whose cancer didn’t respond to any of his previous treatment protocols.  The one that he is on now is the last in the line.  This is it.  If this didn’t work there was nothing else left to do.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am that he responded so well.  I spoke to his mom earlier and she was laughing and smiling the whole time.  You know how you can hear someone smile over the phone?  She was definitely smiling.

Would you join me in a prayer of thanks today?


6 Responses

  1. Maak mens altyd nederig om God’s hand aan’t werk te sien.

  2. God is so GROOT! Prys Sy naam!!!!!
    Wonderlike nuus.
    Sal aanhou bid vir julle, Enrico,Duran en al die ander kindertjies & Mammas wat deur die swaar kry moet gaan.
    Sjo!? Ons aanbid waarlik ‘n almagtige God!!!

  3. Saam met julle dankbaar vir die HOOP waarin ons lewens geanker is!

  4. What fabulous news!

  5. Excellent news !!!

  6. Wow and wow! Isn’s it fantastic to see how things work out! Duran and Enrico are blessed little beings like Woutertjie is.!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Please printout all our blog notes and give them to the mamma’s, so that they know that they are not the only happy ones…all your friends are happy for them tooooooo!!!!)

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