Today I may just buy medicine online

I have a vicious headache and the only pain medicine I have at home is Panado (paracetamol).  This is a bit more than a Panado headache.  What really grates me is that I know exactly why I have a headache and what I could’ve done to avoid it.

When I was in std 8 (about 16 years old) my one teacher told me that I had to work at relaxing – I literally never just let it all go.  I thought he was funny.  Funny strange, not funny haha.

As time went by I realised that he may have had a point. 

I am at my best when I am stressed.  Not stressed to distraction, just to efficiency.  I work doubly fast and accurate when I am pushed for time, money, whatever.  Unfortunately this means that I feel slow and numb when I’m not stressed.  I hate those first few workdays after a holiday.  Not because I have to go back to work but because I am relaxed and not sharp.  I don’t like not feeling sharp.

I made the mistake of relaxing these few days.  Things are going well.  Woutertjie’s blood results are stable and actually increased a bit from Monday to today.  Wouter’s birthday went well and I will post a picture of his train cake as soon as I can find the cable for the camera.  Carien is doing very well and is just about sleeping through the night without a “midnight snack”.  So I am getting a good night’s sleep too.  Add everything together and you find me in the middle, quite relaxed.

Unfortunately my body isn’t used to the feeling.  The result?  All my neck and shoulders muscles go into spasm.  Seriously.  Wouter is the same.  We joke that we know that we have relaxed when we are crippled by headaches.  And for Wouter, add cold sores.

So here I am, relaxed, pained and mostly unmedicated.  I think it is time to go open all those spam messages in my inbox.  Unfortunately delivery will probably take 7 – 10 working days.  Do you think they might fax the pills to me?  Like, right now?

3 Responses

  1. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Hope the week-end entails more relaxation and good health for all!

  3. i didnt know viagra would help for headaches …. ha ha

    that seems to be the only drug my spam box is trying to sell me….

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