Enough already

This self -pity thing is getting old.  What I need right now is Cristina sticking her finger under my nose telling me to “make normal”.

So I decided to stick my own finger under my own nose and give myself a swift kick under the butt.  Because after all, this isn’t about me.

I made an appointment with Emmerentia, the oncology social worker.  I am seeing her on Tuesday. 

Today Woutertjie saw Annelize, the occupational & play therapist.  She is satisfied with his development.  His muscle strength is very low and his fine and gross motor skills are behind, but nothing that won’t get better when he finishes chemo.  They played through his current feelings.  Annalize has a hand puppet that Woutertjie calls “Maatjie”.  Sorry to say, but that puppet is a sissie.  He is always scared of everything and then Boeta has to help him through it.  Today the hand puppet was very tired (Boeta’s haemoglobin is extremely low and this was an attempt to figure out if he was feeling tired) and fell face first onto the play dough.  Annalize told me later that Boeta grabbed hold of the puppet by both ears, hauled it upright, glared at it and said “Maatjie, nou luister jy vir my.  Sit regop, eet jou kos dat jou soldaatjies kan sterk word en dan voel jy beter.”  (Maatjie, now you listen to me.  Sit up straight, eat your food so your little soldiers can get strong and then you will feel better.)  I could just hear myself giving that lecture!  LOL!  Children.  So often it feels as if I talk and talk and nothing hits home.  And then one day you realise that something stuck somewhere!

Yesterday’s blood results are atrocious.  His haemoglobin (normal +-14) is 7.2 – as soon as it hits the 6s he gets a transfusion.  To put it in perspective, an adult with Hb of 9.0 would probably be too tired to blink, never mind get out of bed.  It is a good thing that no one told him about it.  He is soldiering on like there is nothing wrong.  Cristina has decreed that he shouldn’t get a blood transfusion yet since it doesn’t seem to bother him.  Let’s see how he responds and recovers and then maybe he won’t need one anyway. 

His platelets are 90.  Low, but not critical. 

The white cell count is another story altogether.  2 weeks ago it was 14 (normal 5 – 15).  Last week it was 4.  Yesterday it was 0.8, with neutrofils of 0.01.  Woutertjie is currently on antibiotics to prevent a runny nose and cough from becoming something more.  Having seen these counts I think we should double his antibiotic dose! 😉

I laughed so hard at Carien today.  She has started calling me “tannie Zaan”.  She keeps on calling me and then laughing her head off at her own joke.  It is so sweet and funny and adorable.

Tomorrow is Wouter’s birthday.  I expect all of you to leave him a happy birthday message! 

No pressure. 

Just do it.


9 Responses

  1. The things children say – at least they got you smiling again!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU Wouter – have a good day and be sure to enjoy some cake with your family 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Wouter! Terence finds the best celebrations is to have lots of balloons, lie on the floor and let the kids have a balloon fight with him 🙂

    Carien is so cute. I love it when they are like that.

    I’m so glad that despite the low counts little Wouter is feeling not too bad. Pity about the neutrophils. Bianca was also recently in with fairly low counts (well not quite as low as yours) and some or the other mystery virus. Wasn’t flu or anything, they tested, it came back negative. So I hope his counts recover quickly to kick those bugs’ butts.

  3. Happy birthday Wouter!

    Good luck to you all, hang in there!

  4. Lekker verjaar Wouter! Hoop dis ‘n goeie jaar, vol vreugde, vrede en goeie gesondheid vir julle almal.

    Suzanne, het jy al oorweging gegee aan ‘n antidepressant? Praat bietjie met jou dok daaroor.

  5. Wouter, baie geluk met jou 35ste jarigwording! Mag dit ‘n geseende lewensjaar wees gevul met vreugde, liefde, gesondheid en hope pret. Geniet jou dag en waardeer jou oulike vroutjie!!!

  6. Baie geluk met jou verjaarsdag vandag Wouter! Mag dit ‘n geseende jaar verder wees! Sterkte met die gesprek met die maatskaplike werker Suzaan! Ek dink kinders weet diep binne dat ons as ouers net die beste vir hulle wil en daarom al die praat en preek….

  7. Hoop jy het ‘n wonderlike dag gehad Wouter. Met so ‘n oulike familie kan dit ook nie anders nie

  8. Suzaan, hierdie ene moet jy vir hom sing! 🙂
    Ons hoop jy’t sommer die beste verjaarsdag ooit…Jy’s immers die oudste wat jy nog ooit was! 🙂
    Mag die Here jou en jou gesin besonder styf teen Sy bors druk!!

  9. veels geluk liewe maatjie ….

    i hope this year is fantastic followed by many many more

    kerrie and andrew

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