On Cheerios and choice

I always figured that being a SAHM (stay at home mom) involved, amongst other things, providing balanced meals.  I am sure that in other households that would include items from the complete food pyramid in specific quantities. 

In this house, however, it starts and stops with Cheerios. 

Woutertjie has discovered his new Favourite Food.  Gone is the Weetbix, the “blue chips”, the toasted cheese sandwiches.  Today he had Cheerios for breakfast, lunch and supper.  Of course he doesn’t call it Cheerios.  That would be too boring.  He calls it “sirkeltjies” (little circles) and drinks the leftover milk.  He loves it.


Remember I told you how we give Boeta choices in everything?  To make him feel in control.  As we left the hospital on Monday he insisted on sitting in front.

S:  No, you have to sit in your car seat in the back.

B:  I want to sit in front!

S:  You can’t sit in the front.  If someone bumps into our car you will get hurt.

B:  (thinks for a bit)

S:  Come on, get into your seat.

B:  Mommy!  You’re not doing it right!  You have to say:  Boeta, you can choose.

He was so proud of his reasoning.  So I gave him a choice.  He could sit in his car seat or in Carien’s car seat.  He chose hers and off we went.

I am amazed at the difference that having a choice makes in his general demeanour.  Thanks for that, Annalise!


4 Responses

  1. he is just too clever

  2. bahahahaha, legend. daai kind gaan jou nog GROOT hoofpyne gee!

  3. Ag my moeder, dit wys jou. Die kinders is eintlik soveel slimmer as wat ons dink!

  4. I like those cheerios too!
    LOL at the choice thing… it’s all about control

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