Men are from … who the hell knows????

Wouter has been working his butt off.  I’ve told you about that.  Then we went on holiday for a week and I was under the impression that his work hours would be more normal afterwards.  Something like 12 hours a day instead of 18.

But this week he has been doing the 14 hour-shift.  When the children wake up in the morning the first question our of their mouths is:  Where is my daddy?*  I know what they mean.  Wouter leaves before we wake up and gets home just in time to read Bible stories before bed time.  I am at the stage where I phone him just to hear what he sounds like.**

Tonight when he got home at 18:00 I made him some coffee and sat him down on the couch so we could actually talk to each other (“could you wipe Boeta’s bum” and “please check why Carien is so quiet” doesn’t count as conversation).  Tenderly I enquired about his day.  With the utmost concern I frowned about his worries.  Patiently I asked when he might start working more normal hours.  With deep empathy I listened to how busy he is and how he can’t work less hours.

And do you know what his next sentence was?  Do you?

DO YOU????

“We got a quote for the putting green we want to install in the office.”

And then he tells me he works the whole day?  Hah!


*I still want to know how many other daddies they think I harbour around here.  One is enough, thank you!

**I am exaggerating.  Really.  But this is my blog and I can do what I want.


4 Responses

  1. Lol!
    I feel sorry for him now.

  2. Bahahahaha!!!! Funny! Go Wouter go!!! All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. 🙂

  3. Hoe vervelig sou die lewe nie gewees het as mans rasionele wesens was nie. Giegiegiegie

  4. Recently I broke my leg. I am just learning to walk again without crutches. I decided to step into a flower bed unaided to cut back a plant. I got “stuck” on the uneven ground. After trying for a while to extricate myself, my beloved passed by. I asked him to give me a hand.

    “What on EARTH are you doing in there? I don’t want you to break your leg again….”(I thought, “How sweet, he doesn’t want me to go through all that pain again” Ha Ha!)… it will cost me a #$&** fortune!”

    Bless his cotton sox!

    Men are definitely from Mars.

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