Good morning! It was a good night.

Woutertjie is looking all rested and perky today.  Wouter says he had a good night.  Fabulous news! 

I did request that the nurses keep him drugged up to his eyeballs with Zofran (anti-nausea drug).  I think it worked. 🙂

Alright, let’s redo that last sentence.  Boeta is slightly nauseous but is only due for more Zofran in 2 hours’ time.  Things change quickly here!

Please keep my aunt in your prayers today.  Yesterday they were on their way home to Cape Town from holiday.  Half way home she got very sick and was admitted to Worcester MediClinic’s ICU.  It seems that she was bitten by something but no one knows what yet.  She has very high fever and they are waiting for antibiotics to start working.  Remember I told you about my cousin Lizbé (aka Zippy).  It is her mom.  Please keep the family in your thoughts.

3 Responses

  1. Will say my wee prayer for all.

  2. Bly dit gaan so goed met Boeta, hoop die hele “kursus” verloop goed!

  3. DIs wonderlike nuus dat boeta nie so erg naar geraak het gister nie. Ek sal jou tannie in my gebede hou!



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