Why do I always worry so much?

This morning on our way to hospital it was raining.  Suddenly all my worries and fears melted away.  For me rain is a visible reminder of God’s grace being showered upon us.  And we are chin-deep in blessings at the moment! ;-D

We got to hospital, were admitted, arrived in the ward and throughout Woutertjie has been so calm and accepting and matter-of-fact about it.  A lot different from the last times we were here.  The time off from hospitalisation has done him good.

The rest of the three muskateers are also here today.  Duran (neuroblastoma) had a CT scan and bone marrow biopsy.  He has finished his treatment and they need to see how to move forward from here.  The results from the CT scan should be out any time now but the bone marrow analysis will take a week or so.  Please say a prayer for this little boy.

Enrico is receiving his last chemo before he too will be scanned and biopsied.  He also has neuroblastoma.  Please send a prayer his way too.

Cristina is very happy with Woutertjie, especially with his emotional state.  The fact that he now weighs 18.4kg did do any harm either!  🙂  His white cell count is 13.8.  Perfectly normal and quite a pleasant shock to my system.  It feels weird to allow him to play in the general play area without worrying too much about all the germs there.  He is loving every moment.

It is now 15:30 and his chemo hasn’t started yet.  There is a slight possibility that he may be done with today’s just in time to start with tomorrow’s…  He will be staying tonight and should go home tomorrow evening.  Please pray that he won’t be nauseous.  He has only recently “made his peace” with food again.  Be assured that I will keep you posted!

3 Responses

  1. Ai, ek moet in die aande eers kom lees om op te vang wat in julle lewens aangaan. Vanaand weereens, se ek my stil gebedjie op vir julle, en dan ook vir die ander twee boetas.

    Ek sal nooit verstaan waardeur julle gaan nie, maar ek kan ten minste bid.

    Ek hoop julle het ‘n rustige nag, en dat boeta nie naar raak van die chemo nie.



  2. Hallo!
    So bly julle het jul “vakansie” geniet! Dit is so belangrik om soms net weer soos ‘n “normale” gesin te wees.
    Sterkte met al die uitdagings wat weer oor jul pad gaan kom. Weet net verseker dat ons ALMAL vir julle bid en dat God baie bewus is van julle.
    Sal ook vir die ander 2 seuntjies bid – en vir hul ouers.
    Dink en bid baie vir julle

  3. Really hope this chemo run will go well

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