It’s a tough life but someone has to do it

Yes, we are on vacation.  It is very hard work.  We have major decisions to make.  Are we having coffee or tea?  Are we going to do nothing before or after taking a nap?  Or before and after taking a nap?  Ground breaking things like that.  We need your sympathy.  It is a huge responsibility.

We are in George, visiting my brother and his wife.  He is the financial manager of Kingswood, one of the golf estates here and we are going to join him in a day of golfing later today.  To be exact, Wouter is going to join him and the children and I are going to have fun with the golf carts.  Don’t tell anyone!  Boeta is very excited about the golfing idea.  He’s played golf on the PlayStation and has decided that it is his game of choice.  Personally I don’t see a problem with it.  I can live with the idea of retiring at 35 on my son’s winnings.  If Tiger could do it, Boeta can too.  It stands to reason.

Yesterday we met more angels in uniforms.  Boeta’s broviac line needs to be flushed weekly to keep it from getting blocked.  I planned on getting it done on Saturday morning before we left Cape Town but I forgot.  I know.  I am a terrible mom.  Yesterday morning I phoned Gerrit’s rooms to ask for advice.  Stephanie (receptionist) phoned me back and layed out our plan of action.  We are really on vacation – I didn’t even do this myself! LOL! 

Off we went to the George office / branch / practice of GVI*.  They don’t treat children at all (children usually go to Tygerberg or Red Cross Children’s Hospital) and had no experience of Broviacs (aka Hickman line).  Their patients have ports, ie an implant under their skin.  This wasn’t a problem.  With a bit of over-the-phone info from Debbie (staff nurse Kluyts, if you want to be all formal about it) from Panorama and a lot of interference from me Boeta’s line was flushed and his dressing was changed.   Thank you Marietjie and everyone else.  They were thrown in at the deep end and oh my word, they swam! 

It is now 10:50 and I am still in my pajamas.  So toodles, I will be back.  Right now I have to get some more tea and look at the mountains. 

*GVI is the oncology people.  They do out-patient chemo and all radiation.  Boeta received his radiation from GVI in Panorama Medi-Clinic.  They deal with cancer patients every day.  They are a different breed – “special” can’t begin to describe them.


3 Responses

  1. Enjoy the holiday, en stuur groete vir Pieter

  2. Sounds so nice!!! Enjoy!!!

  3. Geniet julle vakansie. Al vier het die breek nodig! Maar ek weet jy veral het dit nodig.



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