All is well in the Grové household

Wouter came home at 18:00 tonight.  The children were out of their skins with excitement.  They’ve been on top of him from then until bedtime.  It was very sweet.  I knew that they missed him but I didn’t realise how much he missed them.

Wouter has been working very hard the last few weeks.  There were quite a number of days that he left before the monkeys woke up and came home long after they’ve gone to bed.  I’m happy to say that the audit that his company was gearing up for is now under way.  By the end of this week he should revert to normal-person working hours. 😉

This weekend we are leaving to go on a bit of a vacation.  Woutertjie isn’t having any treatment next week and Wouter has leave for the week.  I’m not planning on giving him any opportunity to “quickly pop in at work”.  Oh no.  We are leaving on Saturday and I think I will insist that we get back next Sunday.  Grrrrr.  I am a tiger!

I am doing well.  After 6 months of being a stay-at-home-mom I am starting to settle in the role.  It is very different.  In my defense, spending lots of time with doctors and in hospital didn’t contribute to cut down my time to adapt.  But I think I am getting there.  By February when Woutertjie’s chemo finishes I will be 100% SAHM.  Just in time to start to work again.  Oh joy.

Carien is doing very well.  She is such a little madam.  I couldn’t imagine life without her!  She loves mielies (corn-on-the-cob).  She calls them miemies and since she can’t wait for me to boil them she usually starts on a raw one while she waits.  I am serious.  She finishes a raw mielie by the time the cooked ones are done.  We just shake our heads.

Boeta is gaining weight – he ate 4 eggs today.  Yes, four.  2 for breakfast and then he asked for more for lunch.  His blood results are very good.  The haemoglobin (10.5) and platelets (210) are in normal ranges and his white cell count (4.2) is lower than normal but a record high for him.  So we have the doctors’ approval to go away next week.

I want to kick myself.  Gerrit (paediatrician) is going to a hunting farm in the Karoo this weekend.  It is bitterly cold in Cape Town and it will be frostbite-cold in the Karoo.  I was going to deliver an excellent and very old bottle of red wine to his rooms today as a blood warmer for the weekend.  But I forgot.  And he isn’t at work tomorrow and Friday.  Damn.

Cristina (oncologist) is overseas on a course at the moment.  Apparently she is burning the candle from both sides (with a blowtorch) there as well.  According to my sources the phrase “Dr Stefan, please close your laptop” has been used a number of times, as well as “Dr Stefan, the coffee break is over.  Close your laptop and come inside now.”  She isn’t the kind of woman that gets ordered around.  She is the one who does the ordering!  I wish I was there to see it! 😀


3 Responses

  1. Have a great break all of you x

  2. It is so cool to see how well things are going so far there!

  3. Hey , have a great relaxing break, the whole lot of you. Cheers

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