The importance of being bald

Boeta has never aspired to be a hair-model.  As far as he was concerned, hair was trouble.  You had to wash it and comb it.  What a waste of potential playing time.

When Woutertjie first started loosing his hair (in January) Wouter shaved his hair off as well.  I didn’t think Woutertjie cared whether daddy’s hair looked like his.

Moral of the story?  Don’t assume.

Wouter developed a bit of a shaving rash on his head about a week ago and didn’t shave to let it heal first.  Last night before going to bed he shaved his head completely bald again.  I asked him about it.  I figured that it would be better in winter to have a bit of hair left.  And Boeta wouldn’t mind anyway.

Turns out Boeta cornered Wouter yesterday and told him that it was time for daddy’s hair to look like his hair again.  Never underestimate the urge to fit in. 

Woutertjie wears hoodies and beanies the whole day to keep his head warm and Wouter … doesn’t.  My poor husband!

PS:  A couple of nights ago I checked to make sure that Boeta was warm enough.  Only his nose was sticking out from under the duvet.  I wanted to open his head but he woke up and told me to leave his head covered – it got too cold!  So now a beanie is standard sleepware in our house.


2 Responses

  1. Giegie, arme Wouter – miskien moet hy ‘n fedora kry vir Vadersdag wat verby is.

    Ek het eergister “Iemand het gesê” gekoop na aanleiding van jou loflied – en is dit pragtig. Lize behoort vir jou ‘n getekende kopie te gee vir jou bemarkings poging.

  2. aw the poor guy. what is your address ? want to send them both super duper warm hats from down under.

    lots of love

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