Not saying “I told you so”

One of my favourite phrases (to use) is “I told you so”.  I can’t resist the urge to tell the world that I was right all along.  I’ve told the world so many times already that it is now using a spam blocker to keep me quiet.

One of my favourite phrases to hear is “I bought you flowers”, but we will get to that.

Today our beautiful, lovely, talented, adorable children switched roles.  Carien became the calm, reasonable one and Boeta became the drama princess.  At 04:15 he started serenading the world with “Jacob and sons”, one of the songs from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.  My mom bought the DVD and the children love it.  We didn’t love it as much this morning. 

When everyone didn’t respond the way he thought we should (ie, wake up singing and dancing) he flew into his first raging tantrum of the day. 

I eventually stopped counting by the 6th one.  And through it all Carien was calm, mature and not at all like her usual demanding princess-self.  Or maybe she was like normal but compared to Boeta she was a little angel.  Hmmm.

We went for a quick visit to my sister and her family in Grabouw.  It was so nice.  When we got back Boeta flew into another rage.  I don’t understand it, actually.  It isn’t his nature at all.  By the time we got antibiotics into both of them (yes, we are still fighting that fight) and got Woutertjie sort of calmed down again Wouter had had enough of this day.  He told me that the children were driving him up the walls.  I was this *insert one atom-width here* close to telling him “I told you so”.  But I resisted the urge and told him that I understood his frustration.

I am so proud of me.

I am so proud of Wouter too.  Today is Father’s Day.  Wouter claims that Father’s and Mother’s Day aren’t “celebrated” in his family.  Yeah right.  He married into my family and here we do it.  Mother’s Day passed without him even realising.  He was extremely surprised yesterday when I phoned to congratulate him on the beautiful flowers that he got me for Father’s Day.  He bought me a huge bunch of dark pink roses, irises, gerbera daisies and foliage.  Well, his credit card got it for me.  I had to swipe it but I’m not hung up on the detail.  I am so proud of him.


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  1. Good for you! We gals have to look out for ourselves sometimes!

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