2 children, 1 bottle of antibiotics

This morning I took the children to Gerrit (paediatrician) for a checkup.  Carien’s cough got worse during the night and I thought it may be a good idea to get it checked out.

So Carien is on antibiotics because she needs it and Woutertjie is on the same antibiotics to make sure that he doesn’t need it.  Fun.  The most enjoyable part (not!) of the day is giving medicine to Carien.  She refuses.  I have to pin her down and force the barrel of the syringe between her teeth to keep her from closing her mouth and spitting everything out.  She manages to just about bite my finger off and spits out half of what I give her.  And usually she works herself into such a frenzy that she then vomits out the rest.  Fun, fun, fun.

I am bone tired.

5 Responses

  1. I will be praying that you get some rest…. when I battle with medicine with Jed – I promise him some coke if he is good. He LOVES coke but isn’t allowed too much so he is willing to do anything to get it…. but he is 4 years old so it is a lot easier. aaaaaaaaaaaaaa Good luck with Carien…. and give Woutertjie a hug from Aunty Bonni and Jed…. I’m glad I found the blog I was on his facebook site looking for updates… you are always in my prayers…. Thank you for the updates, this stranger loves reading how you all are… God Bless!

    Love Bonni (Jed has brain cancer) x x x

  2. Hugs!!! Have you tried using a syringe if she wants juice or milk or tea or water? That’s what we did with Caitlyn. We let her watch as we sucked up her favourite beverage with the syringe (even let her help) and so when she took it she wasn’t taking medicine (maybe let Woutertjie do the same and you?) and now when we have to put medicine in the syringe we just call it juice. Before that she used to be just the same, screaming, fighting, spitting (thankfully not vomiting), but since we did this, it’s been so much better.

  3. didnt mary poppins sing a spoon full of sugar hekps the medicine go down … ?

  4. I’ve always said if anyone ever witnessed me giving meds to the boys I would be charged with child abuse. A knee each on a leg, holding both hands above the head with one hand of mine and the other having to keep the head still in order to open the teeth wide enough to get the syringe in! The joys of motherhood!!!

  5. Ek ken daai een waar jy die kind letterlik moet vaspen om die meds in hulle monde te kry, en dan hoop en bid mens net dat hulle dit nie dadelik uitspoeg nie. Ek hoop Carien word sommer vinnig beter!

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