The bad and the good – in that order

Tuesday morning after I told you that Woutertjie was walking funny I phoned Cristina to report it.  She told me to watch him and call again the next day with a “progress report”.  So Wednesday morning bright and early she wanted to know how he was doing. 

It is the strangest thing.  He looks like a toddler who just started walking.  He seems not to know where his feet are.  Walking straight ahead is OK – he walks like someone with a numb foot but not too bad.  Turning and climbing is something to behold.  He is so clumsy and weak and off-balance.

Yesterday Cristina checked him out.  Turns out he has developed good and proper Vincristine neurotoxicity.  Meaning that the Vincristine affects his nerve signal transfer.  She tested the reflex points on his knees, under his heels and on his elbows.  He has no knee reflex movements, very little under his heels (could be that he was just ticklish!) and a bit on his elbows. 

Fortunately it should get better as the drug is cleared from his system.  So instead of getting some more Vincristine on Monday and then having 2 rest weeks we are now taking the rest first.  If he has no symptoms we will then proceed with 50% of his usual dose the following Monday.  If he still has symptoms he will skip that dose and have another rest week.

So ultimately our timetable remains the same – the start of the next chemo block is unaffected.

After our visit with Cristina we went to Stodels with Annie and her son Graham.  Stodels is a nursery with a huge play area and a petting zoo.  The children had so much fun!  Of course it didn’t spoil the day when Zippie (my cousin Lizbé) and her daughter Courtney showed up as well.  Boeta and Carien adore them.  Courtney played child minder and Boeta trailed behind her like a little tail.

I can’t describe to you how tired the children was afterwards!  Graham was still upright by the time we left, but only because he was too nosey to miss anything.  He is 1y2m and wants to see everything.

My 2 were paste.  They were in bed by 19:00 last night…!

And mommy wasn’t far behind them…


4 Responses

  1. Gosh, that’s strange. Hope the symptoms disappear quickly.

  2. Ek hoop dit help om hom nou vir twee weke nie op die meds te he nie. Julle word ook op elke moontlike manier getoets op die oomblik.

    Ek is bly julle kon bietjie ontspan my Stodels. Dit is darem maar ‘n wonderlike plek vir kids.

  3. Sorry to hear about the Vincristine effect. Cath had a spell of walking on her tip-toes when she was having huge doses of the stuff, but it has passed now. Praying that Wouter recovers quickly from this.

  4. Hi there,

    Jed is also on Vincristine and has his every week for the next 81 weeks… He also has trouble walking sometimes but then on other days he is running around as if nothing is wrong. I actually got him a Jeep pram to go for walks… I hate a wheel chair… He calls it his trolley and enjoys it.

    Jed calls it wiggly legs….

    My prayers are with you.
    Love Bonni

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