What a blessed day

It was raining again! 😉

This morning I got to hospital at 9:30, having sat in my car for 10 minutes waiting for the DVD shop to open so that I could rent the movie that Boeta asked for yesterday.  They way he asked for it (he saw a preview somewhere) the movie is about “so ‘n hond wat so vlieg soos Superman” (a dog that flies like Superman).  According to the shop he meant Underdog so that is what I got for him. 

Imagine my surprise when I arrived at hospital, proudly showed him what I brought, and he promptly starts screaming at me that he wanted a game, not a movie.  One thing that we have never allowed our children to do is screaming at us.  Not that it stopped him this morning.  He continued trying even though I gave him the usual line (I don’t scream at you, so you don’t scream at me).  After a while he quieted down and became my usual loving son.  Looking back I know that he was very irritated because his Hb was revoltingly low (it was 6.8 on yesterday already) and on the other hand he just needed to get rid of some of the frustration that he is feeling at being stuck in hospital.  Thanks for visiting Annie.  I would’ve lost my cool if you didn’t arrive when you did.

This experience isn’t easy for us as adults and it is even harder on Boeta and Carien.

Annalise (the occupational and play therapist) came visiting this morning.  It was the start of good things.  That woman has a gift.  I didn’t realise how depressed Woutertjie was until I watched them play at the end of the session.  He was screaming with laughter.  He hasn’t laughed like that in days, maybe even weeks.  He gave her a hug when she left.  Recently he has been very physically distant except for naptime when he insists on lying in my arms.  It broke my heart when I realised how deeply he has been affected by all of this.  No wonder he didn’t want to eat.

As Annalise left my cousin Lizbé visited us.  Boeta loves her and loved the mystery packet she brought with.  Among other things she included a sprig of lavender.  Something from Outside.

When lunch arrived I made a point of eating right next to him while we were watching Underdog.  Initially he just looked at the spaghetti bolognaise, then started picking at the mince.  Eventually he had about 2 tablespoons full with no prodding from anyone.  It made my day.

Annalise said that Boeta indicated that he wasn’t happy.  He didn’t want to be connected to drips, he didn’t want to be in the same room, he wanted to get out.  She has a hand puppet who talks to Alex, Woutertjie’s stuffed lion toy.  Alex told Maatjie all of this.  When Annalise asked Boeta if he felt the same he looked at her like she was from another planet and said no.  It is sad that he is so young that he has to play-act through all of this.  It is a blessing that Annalise has the gift to connect with him and help him deal with his feelings.

Woutertjie and I spent the rest of the day watching movie (not movies, only Underdog) and I did my best to laugh hysterically at all the right places.  He joined in and was hopping up and down with excitement.

As soon as his blood transfusion finished and his last antibiotics came off I loaded him with saline drip and all on a wheelchair and Boeta, Oupa Skippie and I went for a walk through the hospital.  He had to wear a mask as he is still severely neutropenic.  Initially he was very jittery about being out of his room but suddenly he said that he wanted some chips from the cafeteria.  We went, he got and we raced back to the room so that he could remove his mask and eat it.  Imagine our surprise when he finished the lot and drank some cooldrink too!

We can only thank our Lord for His mercy.  Thank you for praying for Woutertjie and keep it going please!  He has quite a way to go before he will be “back to normal” mentally.  These last weeks have knocked him down physically and emotionally.  I hope to find out tomorrow if we are going home soon.  It seems his chemo has been postponed by a week to give him a chance to get better.  That means that way may actually spend some time at home before he goes in for his 5 day chemo!  Not counting chickens here, but it would be welcome.


5 Responses

  1. Aaaaaaah, Zani, my hart is sommer baie seer vanoggend oor julle. xxx

  2. Suzanne, jy is ‘n wonderlike ma! Moet dit nooit betwyfel nie. Ek is bly hy is soveel beter fisies en geestelik. Sterkte met die pad vorentoe.

    Weet jy, ek wonder of julle nie vir hom ‘n goudvis moet kry nie. Hy het dalk nodig om iets te versorg.

    Met ander diere het jy waarskynlik te groot kans vir kieme, hoewel iets soos ‘n rot selfs beter sou wees omdat hy dit kan vashou. Boonop is hulle liefdevol en intelligent, maar nou ja, nie almal hou van hulle nie. As jy wel ‘n rot kry, sorg dat dit ‘n wyfie is.

  3. Dit is asof ek ten minste eenkeer ‘n week in trane na jou sit en luister (wel lees) en weereens besef watse taak onse Here vir jou en Wouter gegee. Dit kan nie maklik wees om dag na dag al hierdie emosies te beleef en saam met klein Wouter hierdeur te gaan nie.

    Ek bid vir julle. Nie net vir nou wat julle in die hospitaal is nie, maar vir krag en bystand gedurende hierdie hele storie.




  4. Hello! Haven’t been keeping up with email etc lately as I recently had a bi-lateral partial knee transplant followed three weeks later by a DVT, followed two days later by a spontaneous linear fracture of my right tibia, which has landed me a few weeks in two hospitals and now in a wheelchair for six weeks (only three left!) Or a walker which I hardly use (too sore!)

    It is good to get new news of Boeta, and great to hear that he is reacting like a normal little guy who has been cooped up and restricted for too long altogether.

    I wish I lived nearby to visit and help out. I pray for him always. there is light at the end of the tunnel. May God continue to uphold you in your faith, giving you patience and understandingwhen the going gets tough.

    My recent experience has helped me see things from inside hospital walls and from the perspective of a wheel chair. Tell Boeta that bulbs lie under the cold earth for months, just waiting for the right moment to break through the dirt and grow joyfully towards the sunlight where they can show their beautiful flowers to the world.
    Later they go back underground to get ready for the next year when they can rejoice in the sunlight all over again. Just like he has to go back every now and then to rebuild his strength for the next season.

    Can you get him a bulb to grow by his bed? Nurseries have little pots of daffodils. best to find one where the spikes are just emerging, or better still, a hyacinth bulb in a glass jar that he can watch as it develops. Another idea is to put an avocado pip on top of a bottle of water with matches stuck in its side to balance it and hold it up. An analogy would be all the things he has to have stuck into him, this will show that the things stuck in are really helping. He will enjoy watching the root and stem grow. When he is well enough he can plant the little tree in a pot, and larter in your garden. It will be his tree for many years.

    Children love growing things. (beans or peas or sweet-pea seeds or lucky beans grow well in saucers on wet cottonwool covered by kitchen paper, and give chidren valuable lessons too) Try some of these ideas, if you haven’t already, with my love.

    Just ideas to keep him busy.

    All my love, Ruth.

  5. I love the avocado idea!

    Anything, as long as he can see it grow, and have to take care of it also. Preferably something that won’t die easily.

    I can’t tell you how important the affirmation of life is when you’re depressed.

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