Day 6

For the record, prayer works.  But then, we should know that by now.

This morning on my way to hospital I begged God to bless Woutertjie with His healing power.  I’ve been lax the last while.  Boeta has been doing well, making it easy to “exclude” God from our day to day business.

And you know what?  Today has been miraculous. 

Firstly I met Gerrit on my way in.  We chatted for a bit.  I’ve been feeling very guilty for “allowing” Boeta to get sick.  Why didn’t I keep him and Carien apart as soon as she started developing a cold?  Why didn’t I keep Boeta masked the whole time at home?  And Cristina has been fueling my guilt trip even more.  She has read me the riot act about neutropenia and prevention of infection. 

Gerrit derailed my guilt trip train completely.  He decided that I should blame him, since I informed him when Carien started getting ill and he could’ve done something about it then already.  So officially I am laying the blame at his feet.  It is good that we aren’t American.  Gerrit’s parting shot was:  “So sue me!” 😀

Today Boeta is off anti-nausea meds, off fever meds and he hasn’t been nauseous and his temperature has started dropping this morning.  By tonight he was just about fever-free.  What a blessing!

His rash has also started disappearing, although his cheeks, arms and legs are still covered.  Since his platelets are lowish (46) he has pinprick marks all over his face and scalp from coughing.  It is freaky to think that coughing can cause bleeding…  But his coughing is a lot better, his nose is less runny and here is the clincher – today’s nasal wash is negative for RSV!  This is wonderful news as it means that the virus is now out of his system. 

After 5 days of GCSF boosters Boeta’s white cell count is 0.4 today.  It is starting to climb.  His Hb is low though (6.8) and he will get a blood transfusion tomorrow.  It will be his 6th. 

By tonight Boeta had eaten (shock, horror! :-D) almost 2 hotdog buns with tomato sauce.  He asked for “so ‘n ronde bans met matiesous”.  It is a good thing I am the mommy otherwise I wouldn’t have understood what exactly he wanted!  I have to add that he got some tough love today.  The nursing staff are making “sterk stem” with him, telling him to eat or else.  So he is eating.  I am the good cop in all of this, choosing his side and begging him to eat so we won’t get into trouble with the nurses.  So far it is working and that is all that matters.

I have to brag with Carien now.  2 days ago my mom and Carien (1y9m)were stuck outside their automatic gate without a remote.  So my mom lifted Carien through the gate and told her to go and fetch the remote in the house.  Lo and behold, she dodged the dogs and the next thing the gate opened for my mom.  Carien didn’t even bother to bring the remote to the gate, she simply opened the gate from inside the house! 😀 😀  That child is too smart for her age.

She misses Boeta something terrible.  She is constantly asking about him or telling us that he is in hospital.  My poor baby.  She adores him and is feeling very lost without someone to copy.

But we are good.  Very good.

With any luck we may get out of hospital before Boeta’s 5 day chemo starts in a week’s time! 🙂


3 Responses

  1. Crossing lots of fingers and saying lots of prayers that you will get home for a bit before chemo starts!

  2. Ag my moeder, Carien is rerig te oulik vir woorde! Ek hoop en bid dat julle sommer vinnig kan huistoe gaan!



  3. see ! that just confirms it. you are the worlds best mommy.

    2 geniuses in the household…. who would have thought.

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