Day 5 (posted on day 6)

I really didn’t feel like posting last night so now you are getting yesterday’s news today.  A lot happened.  Too much to include in today’s update.

Yesterday when I got to the hospital Boeta wasn’t well at all.  With 6-hourly fever medication his temperature remained above 39 degrees on Saturday but when they changed it to 4-hourly it dropped a bit.  The whole of yesterday it remained above 38, which is an improvement but still left him quite tired.

There were times (about an hour after the administration of fever meds ;-)) during the day where he would perk up and talk and play.  All of this with a full body rash.  Have I told you about the rash yet?  Oi oi oi.  Have you seen what it looks like when there has been an explosion in a red paint factory?  Me neither, but he looks like I imagine a bystander would look like.  Apparently about 10% of RSV patients get it.  Boeta of course, with his white cell count of 0.4 (on Monday – it dropped to 0.2 on Wednesday and 0.1 on Saturday), will get all the symptoms and for longer than usual. 

Boeta also managed to loose his platelets.  He received his second transfusion of a “mega unit” platelets yesterday evening.  And still his platelets are only 46 today.  But I’ll get to today in the next post.

By the way – whenever they talk about a mega unit of platelets I feel the need for coffee.  The hospital cafeteria sells mega coffees and I frequently stop to get one on my way into the hospital in the morning. 

From Saturday Boeta has been receiving nebulisation.  He has always hated those plastic masks that they use for that.  But by allowing him to hold it he is now OK with it.  He even sometimes puts the elastic around his head.  Major step forward.

He still refused all food and drink but drank his fever medicine from a syringe.  So then I gave him juice in a 20ml syringe and told him that it was cough medicine.  I am such a bad mommy! 🙂


4 Responses

  1. Wees sterk. Ek bid steeds vir julle!

  2. Well done with the syringe trick… whatever works 😉

  3. We’ve had a couple of times where Caitlyn needed some paracetamol and she freaks out when we tell her she needs medicines, so now we tell her that there is juice / water in the syringe and she even helps us give it to her 🙂 The things we have to do 🙂

  4. you are the worlds best mommy. well done for thinking to hide juice in the syringe.

    lots of love

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