Beginnings and endings

Yesterday I met a family whose 14 year old son was diagnosed with leukemia hours before.  Today I met a family whose 5 year old daughter finished her treatment for rhabdo and had her drip port removed. 

One family devastated by the diagnosis, another jubilant at their child’s return to health.

Both scared senseless of the future.

Because for both what lies ahead is a great unknown.  When your child is diagnosed with cancer your think that everything will be better once the treatment starts.  When you are in the midst of treatment (like we are) you think everything will be rosy when you reach the end of the treatment.  But once you reach the end of treatment, what then?

The one thing that I hated during my pregnancies was the time leading up to sonars.  The day before a scan I was in a total state, imagining everything that could go wrong.  How much worse will it be when you have to count the hours and days to cancer check-ups?  I guess when we get to that stage we will take it one day at a time, the way we do now.

Emma is in remission and will now have 6-weekly checkups and 3-monthly scans.  As time goes by the visits will become fewer. 

Stephen will most likely start chemo tomorrow.

Please keep both these children and their families in your prayers.  And if you could spare a prayer for us too we would welcome it.


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  1. Hello family! Thank you for allowing us to use a photo of Wouter for our packing day! You know what? It was such a huge success that there is a scrub a dub dub that has formed in cape town and they are going to do a Christmas in July for the kids at the hospitals, so i am sure ( i hope!) they will get to you to to hand out some lovely bath goodies and other treats! Its a strange but amazing feeling meeting other cancer families along the road – those with the road still ahead of them, those that are seeing the light … Deqlan was declared to have no evidence of disease 16 Jan 08- we go for check ups every 3 months – and i can tell you the nerves already start 4 weeks before the time – we still continue to have a bit of fear and worry each time – but i am really working on that -cause I know God has healed Deqlan and He told us that whatever we asked for in prayer , and believe we have recieved, we shall recieve. We completely and totally trust Our Lord and continue to have faith that He has healed Deqlan totally and permanently – i think the human side of us lets thoughts of worry and fear come into our hearts and minds – but i think that to is a test of our faith to tell the devil to get out of our thoughts cause fear is not from God – we just got to continue to trust and ask God to give us the shoes for the journey he has put us on – but believe it, and you shall recieve it – never ever doubt it , just trust, I know you do, you are a wonderful Christian family and God is using Wouter to show the world another miracle. I really believe our children are sent to us to teach the world something – we have witnessed miracles through Deqlan , our lives have changed, we have been brought back to God closer then ever before. I think the best advise i can give is to take 1 day at a time, always believing and trusting. Sending you lots of hugs and prayers, yuor children are beautiful and Wouter , you are a super hero and we are praying for you! God Bless lots of love Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

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