You know that you are living a less than normal life when you phone the paediatrician out of the blue and when he answers you realise that he has your number saved on his phone too.

Freaky stuff.  So today I am dedicating this post to all the other things that are normal to us, but very abnormal to everyone else!

I go to the grocery store and buy bread, milk and snacks. 

The ladies at the tills look at me in funny ways because I have a trolley full of cookies, chips, popcorn, cereal but no food.  The moms at Woutertjie’s play school (that he isn’t even going to at the moment) are still supplying us with cooked meals.  Every week we receive a heap of frozen meals.  Today it included a jar of guava halves.  It looks devine.  Woutertjie will probably not appreciate it that much.  He has now developed a thing about pips.  Strawberries used to be his favourite favourite but now he doesn’t want it because there are too many pips.  And I am not going to even try getting them all off.  Do you know how much easier my life is without having to cook?  As it is I am hanging on with my last finger nail. 

We know exactly what Boeta’s stool looked like today.

What can I say?  It is an indication of his health.  Let’s leave it there.

We can’t imagine life without schedule 4 or 5 anti-nausea medicine nearby, at R55 per tablet.

Schedule 0 – 2 things you can get without prescription.  We don’t bother with that.  We go for the big guns! 😀  The tablets are so expensive that our pharmacy doesn’t stock it.  We have to request it and then they deliver it the next day.  But it works and that is good enough for us.

Carien is 1y9m and knows the Panorama MediClinic inside and out.

When we drive past she shouts “tau”, for “hospitaal”.  She knows the way to the paediatric ward, including going down with the lift.  Most adults get lost on the way.

Wouter receives daily emails from our medical aid (Discovery) with updates on our claims.

When last did you have daily medical expenses for months on end?  I shudder at the thought of going without medical aid.

The way that we honestly feel very blessed and fortunate. 

It is strange how one’s understanding of “we are doing very well” can change so radically in such a short time.

And yes, we are doing very well!


5 Responses

  1. we should start a petition to nominate zofran (ondensatron)’s creator for a nobel prize. it is horrifically expensive but it woks like a bomb ! i dont know what i would have done without it last year when on the chemo.

    maybe you should contact company that makes it and explain you have kept them in business for past few months and can you get some freebies or shares in the company 🙂

  2. Hey so far so good , its all going to be good in the end. Best wishes

  3. LOL the people at the shops must think you’r having a permanent kids party 🙂

  4. Sjoe I got lost looking for the Paed ward! 😉

    Sorry your normality has become so abnormal, but you are handling it with absolute dignity and grace!

  5. All I can say is that you one strong lady! I just have the utmost admiration for you and how you handling it all.
    I really believe you Gods favorite 😉

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