A new day

When I got to the bedroom last night Wouter was lying flat on his back with Carien starfished on top of him.  She really tried to occupy as much space as possible, as if she was trying to claim her daddy for herself and no one else.  It was cute.

 The cold medicine that I gave her (well, the half a ml that I managed to get own her throat) must have had some sedative effect because that child slept like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  I think I have to give her some more tonight *insert evil grin here*.

Boeta is such an easy child to get medicine into.  We hand him a syringe with the meds and he drinks it.  All done.  He even wants to drink his milk and cooldrink using a syringe.  He asks for “medisyne melkies” (medicine milk) and that means that I have to give him a bowl with milk and a syringe and leave him be.  He is remarkably accurate and doesn’t spill.

Carien.  Oh Carien.  This child is just different.  Whatever she is told to do is exactly the opposite of what she wants to do.  When she doesn’t need medicine she brings a spoon, coughs, spits on the floor and asks for medicine.  Now that I want her to take the medicine she flatly refuses.  She shakes her head and says (very sweetly and reasonably) “nee-a mammaaaa”.  And when we manage to get the medicine into her mouth she blows it out in a spray of spit.  So in the end I have to hold her down, keep the syringe between her teeth so she doesn’t bite down on my fingers, keep her lips apart so she can’t spit and then just hope most of the medicine go down her throat.  I estimate that 60 – 70% doesn’t even get close to the back of her mouth.  She is a fighter, that one.

At the moment Boeta and I are in hospital, waiting for his chemotherapy (which will be 15 minutes long) and a blood transfusion (which will be a day long).  Oh happiness.  I really hope that we will get out of here before dark but I’m not putting any money on the possibility.

Boeta and Ethan (nephroblastoma – cancer of the kidney) are playing the Cars PlayStation game.  To be precise, Ethan (5) is playing and Woutertjie is looking.  But it is keeping them both occupied and quiet so that is good enough for me.

2 Responses

  1. Ek hoop vandag het goed gegaan, en dat die bloedoortapping ook goed verloop het.

    Sterkte vir die res van die week.



  2. You write so bloody well!! Please write a book.

    Sterkte Suzanne!

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