Things that get to me

I know that we’ve been in hospital too long when I start asking people what day it is on an hourly basis.  And when they tell me “it’s the 12th” I politely say “yes but which DAY is it?”, while I wonder why anyone would need to know that it is the 12th.  And yet, 5 months ago I expected to hear that it was the 12th.  Now I can’t keep track of the name of the days anymore.

The main problem is that the nursing staff doesn’t work “proper” hours.  Their shifts are more than 12h long and they work 3 days , are off for 2, work 4, off 1, etc.  Or something like that.  Which means that there is no rhythm to their presence.  It is confusing.

I spent the whole of Friday thinking that it was Sunday. 

Another major issue for me is Boeta’s hypo-Hb induced humour-deficiency.  This is my fancy speak way of saying that he becomes a moody teenager the moment that his haemoglobin level falls.  And it has fallen.  He is unpredictable, bursts into tears for no reason we can fathom and in general drives us to drink. 

Before you start worrying, the drink is always coffee or tea.  Because whoever makes it has a 5 minute window away from the children.  They are being exceptionally trying and we are having trouble biting our tongues and dealing with it.  Carien is coming down with a cold and Woutertjie is still very un-domesticated after spending so long in hospital.  It takes him a while to get used to normal life again.  And while we know that we should be patient it is getting a lot to ask for.


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  1. “And now breathe with me, Blue air in…. Red air out…… ect.” (ha-ha, not easy to do when you are also physically and mentally exhausted.) Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers.

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