After 12 days in hospital, we are home

This morning at 07:00 I arrived at hospital, woke Wouter up (he had to be at work at 08:00) and brought him coffee in bed like a good wife should.  Before he managed to finish his coffee Cristina did her rounds.  She is satisfied with Boeta’s condition and discharged us!

We had a long chat with her about the rest of Boeta’s treatment.  She is of the opinion that more anaesthetic is going to do more harm than more radiation is going to do good.  If Woutertjie was able to lie still on his own for the treatment she would’ve considered more radiation but for now at least it is off.  Done.  Finished.  We are continuing with the chemo as originally planned.

Tomorrow afternoon I am taking Boeta for a pre-weekend check-up by Gerrit and then we should be home until Monday when Boeta gets Vincristine.  For the non-chemo people, Vincristine administration is fast and we should be out of there within an hour.  Then we are off for the rest of next week.

It is amazing what a bit of home life does for the appetite.  We had to beg and cheat Boeta to have nibbles in hospital.  Since we walked into my parents’ home he has been eating like a caterpillar.  I tried to restrict him to small portions so that his stomach doesn’t rebel but that ship has sailed.  He ate a slice of bread with cheese, drank a bottle of milk, insisted on more bread and cheese and then polished the lot with more milk.  He ate more in 2 hours than he did in the last 2 weeks.  Go figure.

At the moment Boeta, Carien and Phillip (a 7-year old) are chasing each other through my parents’ house on those noisy plastic scooters and having a ball.  I can’t get my head around his transformation since we left the hospital a mere 3 hours ago.  Earlier this week Cristina said that Boeta is a bit too young, otherwise she would’ve started him on anti-depressants already as he is obviously depressed.  Looking back I can see how right she was. 

Comparing that picture of Boeta that I took a week ago with the Boeta of today, I struggle to deal with the change in him.  That photo was taken when he weighed 15.4kg.  His weight stabilised 2 days after the TPN (IV feeding) was connected and since Saturday he is gaining weight.  He is now about 16.4kg.  A miracle. 

Looking back at the last 2 weeks I can see the Hands of God around us.  Thank you Lord.


7 Responses

  1. Hi Suzanne, I am delighted that you guys are home and that he is eating so well! I actually looked in on you at Panorama this morning at approximately 10h30 and the nurse at paeds ward with a big smile announced that Woutertjie was discharged this morning! Hope tomorrow’s check-up goes well!

  2. Wow, what a change!!! I hope he drives you crazier and crazier the longer he stays at home coz his hospital mood was terrible.

  3. Dis absoluut wonderlik dat julle by die huis is! Ek is sooo bly vir julle!

  4. What great news you are home! So glad he is eating again! We get Vincristine too.

  5. Dis wonderlike nuus dat Woutertjie so vinnig weer gewig opgetel het. Hoop hy behou sy eetlus en kry sommer gou weer sy ou bekende lyfie terug.

  6. so very glad that he’s at home now

  7. Awesomeness!!! Ek sal verseker vir hom kom kuier by die huis! Die girls by Velile Tinto lees ook elke dag jou Blog en stuur baie liefde en groete. Vasbyt! xxx

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