You say potato, I say potassium

Wouter is giving me the “what is wrong with you and how exactly did I end up marrying you” look.  He thinks the title of this post proves his suspicion that I am using some sort of illegal drug.  I think the title is subtle and cute and a delicate play on words.  You know the “I say potato, you say po-tah-to” song, right?  And anyway, I wouldn’t know where to start looking for illegal substances.  So there.  For the record, Wouter wanted to marry me looooong before I even thought about dating him.  So I am the innocent party.  As always.

To get to the potassium.  Boeta is doing so much better today.  This morning already he was obviously feeling better, judging from the scene he put up when Cristina wanted to look in his mouth when he didn’t feel like it.  He had all sorts of blood tests today and it turns out his potassium level has dropped like a stone from the last tests.  Gerrit immediately had a potassium-spiked drip put up.  Oh my sentence (this is bigger than a word) you wouldn’t belief the difference.  Within hours he asked for and ate a small bag of NikNaks and here is the bit that blew my lid – it stayed in!  Apparently some of the effects of low potassium are nausea and low appetite.  Now that the radiation and chemo effects have mostly worn off and his potassium is back up where it should be, I can see the light at the end of this hospital stay.  We were admitted last Sunday because he was dehydrated and it has been a 9 day stay until today.  When he manages to eat and drink sufficiently (with no vomiting or diarrhoea) we can go home.  I have high hopes that we might go home before next week.

Boeta is doing so well on his IV feeding (TPN).  Not only did he stop loosing weight, he actually gained a full kilogram from Saturday!  This morning I told the nurse that his cheeks looked chubbier to me but I never expected that much of a difference.  He is starting with his next chemo tomorrow.  Please spare a prayer.

As we were leaving the hospital tonight we got to the first set of automatic doors.  I said “open sesame” as we approached and surprise!  It opened!  When we got to the second set I said “open sunflower” and the door still opened.  I think tomorrow I am going to try “open poppy”.  There are so many seeds to try.  I feel it is my civic duty to explore the myth that sesame is a better door-opener than any other seed.

Wouter may have a point.


4 Responses

  1. Watse wonderlike nuus is dit nie dat boeta soveel beter doen nie! Ek is so bly daaroor!!!!!!

    Ek hoop rerig dat julle kan huistoe gaan voor volgende week!



  2. This post made me smile. You are very funny!

    Open Pumpkin!

  3. So very glad that he’s gaining a bit of weight

  4. hi Suzanne and Wouter, its good to hear that things are going much much better with woutertjie. Ethan asks about him everyday and we realised we don’ t even have your number to call to find out how things are going! Let us know how the chemo went.
    Look forward to hearing from you

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