The blessings are raining down

Once again we are being blessed beyond our wildest expectations. 

Incidently, Cape Town is in the midst of an impressive storm.  It is pouring, the wind is howling, it is a typical Cape Town winter.

This morning Woutertjie wasn’t in the mood for anything.  He was down.  At 12:00 I told the nurses that I planned on kidnapping Woutertjie for a couple of hours between his antibiotic treatments.  At 13:00 the paediatrician signed off on our excursion.  Did you know that you have to get a doctor and a nurse to sign the temporary discharge form?  I know you wanted to know that.  Just file it away for future use.

Woutertjie is suffering from Stockholm syndrome or something like it.  When I told him we were leaving he got terribly upset and kept on telling me that he didn’t want to go immediately.  We could go later.  It took a lot of persuasion to get him onto the wheelchair and out of the ward.  All his objections vanished as soon as he saw the car.  He’d perked up before we left the hospital grounds.

He spent his whole out-time sleeping behind my dad’s back.  It has been their routine since forever.  It is a hard life being the grandfather – my poor dad has to take a nap every afternoon with Boeta.  Woutertjie was very upset when we had to go back to hospital.  On the way there he overcame his objections and accepted it as a normal part of life.  I wrapped him in a huge blanket when we got to the hospital and he sat pretzeled-up on a wheelchair while I parked the car.  He was so wrapped up that I couldn’t see any bit of him – it looked like a pile of laundry or something!  He loved it when we arrived in the ward and Sharon, the staff nurse on duty, played along with the “Woutertjie didn’t come back, there is only laundry on the wheelchair, no wait this laundry is moving, it is Boeta!!” game.  Sharon is a star.  She has such a knack with children and always plays along.  It makes her a family favourite!

Boeta looks like a different child tonight.  He has some of his sparkle back.  He insisted on sitting on the floor playing with his train set, climbing over the tracks to change the points.  (Points are the bits that make the train turn off onto a different track – I’ve watched a lot of Thomas the Tank Engine.)  He even told me I couldn’t kiss him.  That is code for “tickle me please”!  He still isn’t eating much but we will get him back onto food eventually.  For now all that matters is that he is feeling better.  Obviously the IV feeding and the antibiotics are doing their bit.

You may wonder where Wouter was during this eventful day.  He was sleeping.  From 10:00 to 17:00.  He claims that it is because he spent last night with Boeta in hospital.  I think it is because it was cold and rainy and a lot nicer in a warm bed than out of it!  😀


3 Responses

  1. Daar is niks so lekker as ‘n lekker lepel le slaap nie. EN as dit dan nou saam met iemand so great kan wees soos ‘n oupa, is daar niks beters nie.

    Ek is bly julle kon bietjie uitkom, en dat boeta sommer beter gevoel het.

    Dink aan julle!




  2. This weekend has been all about staying under the covers!
    So pleased that he is feeling better.
    My little boy prays for him every night. Today he asked me,’ Mom, have you checked up on Wouter today?”

  3. Ag Suzanne after popping into the hospital yesterday I can say it was both heartbreakingly real for me to see you and Wouterjie there in hospital on the bed in the dark with the machines and hushed quietness, but also so so very special and heart warming to see you 2 curled up together in utter love and trust and contentment with each other.

    You are a phenomenal woman Suzanne and my respect and admiration for you is huge.

    Please if there is anything you need, or anything I can do to help you, are welcome to call and I will try to help you.

    With much love and care.

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