Today I am going to be arrested.  If I hear one more nag, whine or peep from either one of my children I am committing murder.

I made the mistake of missing one day of my antidepressants.  Those of you who are on it will know that it takes 2 – 3 days for the effect of a skipped day to hit.  I am on the verge of suicide / child-icide / spouse-icide and if I knew someone named Herb, herbicide as well.  Wouter is treading lightly around me – he knows that it is time to keep a low profile.  He did however offer the opinion that the way I am going I will soon have enough names for seven-a-side.  *insert rolling eyes here*

Woutertjie had a big vomiting spell last night again.  He was still looking well last night but this morning I can see that he will need fluid.  So we are cutting our Pringle Bay visit short and will return to Cape Town immediately after lunch.  I spoke to the oncologist and she wants us to take him to hospital as soon as we get to CT.

Woutertjie isn’t eating or drinking anything today.  Yesterday we could still tempt him with two or three chips and a sip of cooldrink but today nothing.  He is feeling miserable.  I expect that he will have to stay over tonight for rehydration.  Will let you know when I know.


3 Responses

  1. Hello there,
    Hoping you are feeling much better soon! I love your posts they always have so much humor and positive energy – hope wouter is feeling much better and you to! We are having a project called scrub a dub dub where we are packing toiletry bags full of items for the kids fighting cancer in hospital – we are having a packing day this Saturday and would love to honor all our friends around the world – would it be ok with you if we used a photo of Wouter on a balloon with other photos?
    Look forward to hearing from you, God bless, always in our prayers
    Samm mom to Deqlan

  2. Hey vrou, ek hoop dit gaan nou al beter met Boeta. O, en ook met jou 😉



  3. Thinking of you guys.
    Can you have a glass of wine AND an anti-D?
    You deserve it!

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