Another change of plan

I wrote this on Saturday but couldn’t post it because I couldn’t connect to the internet.  I am posting it today, Tuesday, but decided to file it under Saturday for clarity.

This time of our own doing.  Late on Thursday afternoon Gerrit de Villiers (paediatrician) let slip that he thought that we are sorely overdue for  a weekend away.  Those weren’t his exact words but I decided to interpret what he said as a command to start packing.  Yesterday Woutertjie had his chemo & anaesthetic combo meal with a single helping of radiation on the side for the last time.  Next week and the week after he will not receive any chemo.  He is receiving radiation every day next week and then Wednesday and Thursday the week after.  And praise the Lord, then we are done with this chapter of treatment.

I planned on uploading the photos of Woutertjie’s radiation sessions this weekend but we eloped to Pringle Bay (where Wouter’s parents live) and there isn’t broadband reception here.  What bliss! 😀  I will upload from home.

Woutertjie has been doing OKish.  He had a great big vomiting spell last night but has been eating and drinking “successfully” today.  At least part of that is because I keep him drugged up on anti-nausea medication.  In hospital he gets Zofran (ondansetron), dexamethazone and Maxalon.  At home we have dispersable Zofran, meaning that the tablet melts in Woutertjie’s mouth.  It costs R550 for 10 tablets.  He gets half a tablet every 8 hours.  The medical aid only pays a portion of the cost as it isn’t a generic medication.  This is the one expense that we pay with a smile.  It works almost immediately and I would pay anything to have Boeta feel better.

This afternoon, midway through his nap, I popped a Zofran tablet into his mouth.  It is now17:00 and he hasn’t vomited yet.  Let’s hope it stays like that because if he starts dehydrating we will have to hit the road to hospital earlier than expected.

We went to watch the penguins in Betty’s Bay at sunset when they all came in from the sea.  The children loved it!  Carien was calling the “wyne” (penguins are pikkewyne in Afrikaans) and Woutertjie was running along on the boardwalk like he was as healthy as anything.  Considering that he ate almost nothing today I am in awe of his energy.


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