What to say?

I don’t know.  Today I am short of words again.  I am having quite a rough time at the moment.  We were warned that this would be a roller coaster ride and indeed it is.  I’ll be fine again tomorrow (or at least act it) and continue to “make normal”.  I’m the mommy.  It’s my job.

I donated my 59th unit of blood today.    I think it is impressive.

Earlier today the blog received it’s 20 000th hit.  This means that in a few short months you and you and you have checked in on our lives 20 000 times.  It makes me feel humble and sad and honoured and loved that you care that much about us.  Thank you.

Boeta had his 20th session of radiation today.  8 sessions left until the end of this chapter.  I really can’t wait.

We are going to Wouter’s parents in Pringle Bay this weekend, provided that Boeta is OK.  We all need to get away from our day to day reality for a bit and look at the world outside before we get back on the roller coaster.  I don’t even like blooming roller coasters.


13 Responses

  1. Hugs, thoughts and prayers!!!!

  2. You are such an inspiration!!! Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  3. Hoop Boeta is Ok sodat julle kan gaan naweek hou! Vars lug, geen stads-gewoel en net n change of scenery – kan jou net beter laat voel!
    Geniet dit,

  4. Hey Suzanne! Hope you guys have a great weekend. You deserve a break. Lots of luv, Sue

  5. Thinking of you love! Praying that you able to just a break away even if only for a day or two. ‘-)

  6. Hoop julle kan ‘n heerlike naweek weg geniet!

  7. Hi
    ek het so lanklaas met jou gepraat, ek hou aan bid en dink elke liewe dag aan julle
    geniet die naweek, mag jy God se VREDE en RUSTIGHEID ervaar

  8. (((HUGS)))

  9. I caught up with your posts today. I swore when I saw you mention chicken pox. It’s contagious before the blisters appear. I’m very glad it’s not the pox.

    20000 hits may not include RSS syndication, which is how I read the blog. I don’t visit it directly often. I’m not sure how your RSS feed influences the hits.

    According to Google Reader, you’ve posted an average on 5.4 posts per week, a bit more often on a Tuesday, less on Wednesdays and Fridays, and usually between 9pm and midnight. The earliest you’ve posted is 2pm; the latest 1am.

  10. Hope the weekend brought loads of rest and relaxation!

  11. Hope all is well and that you all had an enjoyable mother’s day. May your week be filled with love and support. Much love

  12. Ek hoop julle het n heerlike naweek gehad. Sterkte vir die week!!!!



  13. we all love you guys so much thats why there have been 20 000 hits. boeta is so special – although i am sure you remind him of that everyday.

    give him a big hug from us and here is one for you too suzanne aggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (virtual hug noise)


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