And breathe …

It looks like chicken pox, it acts like chicken pox, it feels like chicken pox.  But it isn’t chicken pox!  😀  We are so blessed.  Thank you for every prayer.  Once again they have been answered.

Gerrit (the paediatrician) gave some multi-syllable word to describe what it is.  He is trying to sound smart.  He said that, by the way!  So we are all at home again. I love being bothered by two single minded toddlers.  It feels like home.

On a different note, how do children manage to cut adults down to size so easily?  You know what I’m talking about.  With a few seemingly random words they manage to slice cleanly through your self-confidence, your self-worth and usually call a spade a spade.

This past week my children discovered Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.  My mom bought the DVD and the kids have been watching it repeatedly. 

This morning on the way to hospital Woutertjie wanted me to sing bits from the musical.  We started off well.  He wanted to hear a bit of “Joseph’s daddy” so we sang two verses from “Jacob & sons”.  Then he wanted the song of Joseph in jail so we did a couple of lines of “Close every door to me”. 

And then he wanted me to sing the king’s song.  Pharoah sings about his dreams in Elvis style.  I was about two lines into my energetic Elvis impersonation when it became too much for Woutertjie.  So with typical offspring-honesty he told me: “Mommy, I think you should stop singing now and then we can just drive.”



5 Responses

  1. awwwwwwww that’s so gorgeous !
    I can understand Andrew saying that to me one day as I definitely sound like a dying duck when singing.
    but you can sing !

    maybe he just wanted a quiet moment ??….

    give kids a big hug and kiss from us

  2. Ouch! Bianca once told me “Mommy I know why you wear make-up, it makes you look beautiful and takes away all the wrinkly lines” Uhm, thanks Bianca.

    So glad it is not chickenpox. It is a nightmare isn’t it?

  3. Bahaha! Don’t worry, he just doesn’t KNOW how talented you are… he’ll grow wiser with age. 🙂

  4. Really relieved that it is not the”pox”! I’ve always believed children are God’s way of keeping us humble, guessing and at a loss for words. You just keep singing your song though. Someone once said:” Vrees niet slegte mensche singe niet!”

  5. Hooray! I’m so pleased its not chicken pox. We’re going through quarantine for that one at the moment. Thankfully no sign of it here either x

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