It seems Carien has chicken pox.

In normal, healthy children (like Carien) this isn’t much of a problem.  Keep them from scratching and wait it out.  In immuno-suppressed children (like Woutertjie) it is a huge problem.  You don’t want to know about everything that can go wrong.  He received the vaccination when he was younger but since his white cell levels are low, there may not be enough chicken pox-memory cells floating around to do the job. 

I spent the day in hospital with Boeta and on my way back Wouter phoned to say that the “mosquito bites” that she had this morning have started to develop personality.  I phoned the oncologist.  She was still at hospital at 19:00.  I don’t want her job.

The conversation:

S:  Hallo, it is Suzanne.  Carien has blisters.

C:  Please tell me it isn’t chicken pox.

S:  Uuuhhhhm.  It is blisters?  I don’t know!

C:  Keep them apart.  I don’t want them in contact with each other.  Can you let them stay in different houses?

So here we are, separated again.  The boys in our house and Carien and I at my parents’.  I don’t want Boeta to come close to my parents’ house since Carien spends all her time here and according to the photos on Google it is chicken pox.  I am very sorry for my mom who will have to disinfect their house from top to bottom after Carien is past her contagious stage.

And I am very sorry for myself.  Usually we take it slow in the morning and go to hospital at about 09:30.  Tomorrow morning, when Wouter leaves for work at 06:00, I have to be up and dressed and ready to leave.  He is going to bring Woutertjie to my car at my parents’ house and then we have to leave immediately so that Woutertjie doesn’t come close to Carien.  Fun times.

It doesn’t help that Woutertjie’s white levels are at it’s lowest in a long time.  It is now2.5 – definately not ideal.


5 Responses

  1. Oh no! Trouble is there was probably already a contact before you saw the spots. Ask your doctor if they can do an IVIG which is what they do here if kids are possibly exposed to chickenpox and possibly Acyclovir which is an antiviral that they also use for things like shingles and chickenpox exposure.

    Hugs, prayers and thoughts!!!

  2. Oh no!!

  3. Koekemekranke!! Dis nou presies waarvoor julle lus is, ne: 2 siek kindertjies! Ek dink aan julle en ek hoop regtig dat Woutertjie ok gaan wees.

    (Raai wat? Graham het bloot toevallig vandag sy chickenpox inenting gekry saam met sy 12 maande ander – so, ons timing was lekker af ook aangesien julle bloot toevallig gister besluit het om te kom kuier met chickenpox…lekker lag ek nou!)

  4. Hallo!
    Shame Suzanne, en ek kry myself jammer omdat ek 6:30 moes opstaan – nie eers 6:00 al aan getrek te wees en alles nie…
    My hart gaan werklik uit na julle.
    Julle bly steeds in my gebede!

  5. So sorry to hear little one has chicken pox and that you are apart again – i got shingles ( the adult form of chicken pox ) just after Deqlan finished chemo and we had to get him injected with a shot that would protect him for 3 months – but i think if Carien is already out in blisters it might not help, shame man! I had to laugh when you mentioned how much woutertjie loves Thomas – i thought Deqlan was the biggest Thomas fan – we also took him to see a steam train ! But the place you go to sounds stunning! will have to check it out when we come to Cape Town! Praying for continued healing in woutertjie and strength for you his parents. God Bless, Samm mom to Deqlan NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE SINCE 16 JAN 2008, PRAISE OUR LORD

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