We had a wild day!

Today, after days and days and days of nagging by Boeta and promises by us, we went to the miniature steam trains.  They are open the first Saturday of the month – Woutertjie has been begging for 3 weeks.

We’ve been there before but like most things pre-cancer, Woutertjie seems to have forgotten about it until he was reminded of it.  He discovered some leftover train tickets in my handbag and from that day he carried it with him everywhere and told everyone that he was going to ride on the trains.

We managed to take the camera with but then the batteries were flat.  Yup, that’s us.  So I’ll have to get photos from friends and then I’ll post.  Promise.

Woutertjie had such fun.  He is a Thomas the Tank Engine fanatic and loved watching the owners / drivers / machinists adding spoonfuls (yes, tablespoons!) of coal to the firebox and adding water and then off we go.  Carien almost fell asleep on the first trip and then realised what fun it is.  So from then on we weren’t allowed to get off the coach between rides.  Interesting.

Woutertjie is quite tired.  More than we would expect him to be after 2 and a half hours of train riding.  I think the last week of chemo and radiation is catching up with him.  Consequently I suspect we may spend some more time in hospital next week. 

But it was a very good day.  After the trains we went for coffee and pancakes at Neels and Verna’s.  Their son Hanré is Woutertjie’s bestest bestest friend in the whole wide world.  We met them at antenatal classes before the boys were born.  So technically the two 4-year olds have known each other 4.5 years.  Impressive stuff! 🙂

Neels always has his camera around so it will fall to him to supply photos of today’s outing.  Thanks Goggie! 😀


3 Responses

  1. Sounds like it was a fabulous day!

  2. Etienne het die middag vreeslik geniet saam met Wouter.
    Ons bid vir julle.

  3. Bly julle kon hierdie “memory” skep en dat almal dit so geniet het! Sterkte vir die volgende week. Bid steeds vir julle!

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