Less said, more shown

I don’t have a lot to say today.  I know.  I am just as surprised as you are.  So I am not going to say a lot and instead post some photos.  I’ve been promising for long enough!

Remember I told you about the chaos when 3 boys of about the same age get chemo together?  Here they are!


Woutertjie, Duran (aka Doring) and Enrico (aka Oom Nico).  Woutertjie isn’t very concerned with accuracy of names…!


Boeta with the Buzz Lightyear that the radiation “tannies” made for him.  They tried to make it nice for him but since he is knocked out everytime they gave the posters to him.  It has a place of honour on his bedroom wall!



Carien received this fairy hairband long ago and now she loves it.


I’m pretty and I know it!


This is how any photo session usually ends in our house.  Carien desperately wants to have the camera.  To love, cuddle, carry around and then drop as soon as something else grabs her attention.  This child has the attention span of a drunk ant.


If you look closely you can see her tonsils. *rolls eyes*


3 Responses

  1. ha-ha-ha, our photo sessions with Caitlyn also often ends this way!

    Love seeing the photos, your kids are so adorable! Love the way Woutertjie changes the names – Doring, Oom Nico…

  2. Hahahaha!!!! Okay, daardie foto moet gebere word… eendag as Carientjie groot is gaan julle URE se plesier he. Veral deur dit aan haar boyfriends te wys. Sy sal NOOIT ‘n man kry nie.

    Boeta se Buzz is awesome! Miss yous!

  3. Sjoe, en nog ‘n week is verby. Ek kan myself net indink hoe daai drie karnallies tekere kan gaan!!!!

    Ai vrou, gaan dit lelik wees as ek vir jou sterkte toewens met Carien? Ek kan haar sommer sien in Annibelle, en Annibelle is ‘n drama queen deluxe…. En dit het ook al op daai ouderdom gewys. hehe

    Lekker rus die naweek!




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