OK, maybe I’m not that bad

Woutertjie’s birthday was on the 5th.  I’ve been threatening to take cake to hospital for the staff since then.  For various reasons (I am too lazy / it is too much work / I don’t feel like it at the moment / I am still too lazy) I haven’t.

To make it even more of a mission, the nursing staff work on an odd schedule.  Their shifts are >12 hours so they work 3 days and are off 2 days or something like that.  This week all the staff rotate through the ward today, tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night.

So yesterday I got my act together and started baking.  I spent the whole of last night in the kitchen and a good couple of hours this morning as well.  In the end I took a mini-truck-load of food to hospital. 

I baked a chocolate cake (Woutertjie helped me to decorate it), bacon & sundried tomato quiche and made my signature custard slices*.  Then I took the easy way out and baked ready made cheese puffs and bought koeksisters.  Because one should always have both sweet and savoury.

And tonight I repeated the process for tomorrow’s staff.

And you know what?  Even though I spent hours in the kitchen when I would much rather have fallen into bed and slept, I don’t begrudge a moment of it.  In a very small way I could show our appreciation to the women who look after our son day after day.

Now I just have to make something for us as well.  Wouter is feeling neglected. 😀

*Ask anyone who knows me.  Sooner or later, but usually sooner, I will feed you custard slices.  I’m good at making custard slices.  But not very humble about it.


PS:  We are at 14/28 – halfway through!


2 Responses

  1. I wish I could make custard slices – hmmmm!

  2. Ek is seker die personeel het die “versorging” baie waardeer. 14/28 Bly julle is al so ver!

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