And the award for the worst mommy goes to … me!

I kept Woutertjie nil-per-mouth from 10:00 this morning so that he would be ready for anaesthetic at 16:00.  Except that today was a public holiday and the radiation was scheduled for 12:00 instead. 

Fortunately I had Nici’s (the anaesthesia nurse) number when I realised at 10:30 that he should’ve been NPM from 06:00 already.  They decided to cancel his radiation for today.  I am single handedly responsible for delaying Woutertjie’s treatment for another day.  At least everyone involved hadn’t arrived at hospital yet. 

Shame on me.


3 Responses

  1. These things do happen and maybe it was meant to be that you had another day off 🙂

    Hugs and prayers!!!

  2. You are the worlds best mommy and dont you ever forget or doubt that. After all these months and everything you have been through and you make yourself feel bad over one little error.

    Don’t stress. they will reschedule – all is fine


  3. Suzaan, jy is die beste mamma in die wereld. Ek werk elke dag met jou – jy verdien ‘n spaceship trip hemel toe!!! Lekker rus en naweek. Ons taccle vlg week saam – gaan gouer verby wees as wat jy dink. Merc noggi weer op trappe parkeer!

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