The bandwagon

Carien has found her new favourite mode of transport.  The bandwagon. 

She has always been a copycat.  We joke that she doesn’t have any ideas of her own.  She is probably the world’s best mimic.  You should see how see copies my dad’s insulin injections:  grab a pen-like item, remove the cap, lift up your shirt, lean back, squint at your tummy, jab the pen into the tummy, press the back of the pen (to inject the insulin), remove the pen, replace the cap, toss the pen onto the table.

Recently she noticed a failsafe way to get attention.

She lets out a wail, bends over and spits onto the ground with lots of facial twitching.  She is mimicking Woutertjie vomiting.

This child is 1y8m and associates vomiting with attention.  Are we raising a closet bulimic?  Should we start worrying about peer pressure already?  On the one hand it is very funny to see her impression of what happens but on the other hand it is sad as hell.


Edited to add:

Wouter read the update.  The following discussion ensued.

W:  This is quite a depressing update.

S:  No it’s not.

W:  Yes it is. 

S:  Well maybe, but it wasn’t meant that way.

W:  Everyone is going to be worried about you again

S:  Tough.  They know me better than that.

And then I rushed back to the computer to add this.  I hope you know me well!


5 Responses

  1. Ek sit nou met so ‘n skewe glimlag om my gesig en lees jou update. Snaaks hoe Carien eintlik dood onskuldig vir boeta namaak, en nie eintlik verstaan waaroor alles gaan nie. Hartseer hoe sy opgooi met aandag vergelyk, en tog weet ek, sy kry netsoveel aandag as Wouter.

    Die kinders hou mens op jou knieë. Dit vertel ek vir jou!

    Sterkte vir die week wat voorle!




  2. Weird, weird, weird, nes hulle ma…

  3. hi there

    tell wouter he was wrong – it wasnt sad. I loved it !
    It was so funny cos I can actually see her doing it and can understand how she would see this as a good way to get attention.
    I wouldnt worry about her at all – she sounds like a bright little koekie.


  4. Ag, dit einlik so “sweet” hoe kleintjies op hul onskuldige manier probeer aandag soek op enige moontlike manier. Ek kan my die prentjie voorstel en moet sê dit het my ook laat glimlag. Ek’s baie dankbaar dat die nuwe medisyne vir die naarheid werk. Mag die week wat voorlê nog wonderwerke inhou.

  5. We know you well enough. It was sad, and funny and just nice to hear how you are doing – all at the same time

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