Still at 11/28

Today I did something I never thought I would do.  I spent the whole day in hospital in my gym clothes.  After I spent an hour in the gym.  Yummy.

The idea was to go to gym, change and then take Boeta for his radiation.  Last night after Woutertjie had another vomiting episode I phoned the oncologist.  Boeta was looking good but

diarrhea + vomiting = dehydration

And being mathematically inclined I thought Cristina may want to have a look at him.  And she did!

So from 10 – 11 Tif and I was tortured to within an inch of total collapse by Lynn, the psychopath personal trainer.  If you ever feel like being driven to the absolute limit of your capabilities, contact her.  She has no mercy and does it with a smile. 

At 11:15 I had to have Boeta at hospital to be checked by Cristina before the anaesthetic and radiation at 11:30 for 12:00.  He was indeed slightly dehydrated (5%) and very pale.  Cristina decided that he had to get lots of fluid and a blood transfusion.  Based on that the radiation specialist and anaethetist decided to give Boeta a rest day.  So tomorrow we are doing number 12.

From now on Boeta will have to go to hospital as soon as his nil-per-mouth starts 6 hours before the anaesthetic.  He will get fluid to make sure that he doesn’t dehydrate.  He was vomiting explosively from last night.  Nothing stays in.  Cristina prescribed the usual Zofran but added dexamethazone to it.  As soon as it hit Boeta began eating.  He is particularly fond of NikNaks (“stok chippies”) at the moment. 

The blood transfusion only started at 17:00.  It takes 4 hours with an hour afterwards for observation.  So the paediatrician decided that Boeta should stay over.  We expected it and fetched overnight things for Wouter when we slipped away to vote.  My mom kept Boeta company while we went to do the right thing. 😉

I realised again today that it makes no sense to stress about things.  I was very down yesterday and I really didn’t feel like radiation today.  When things were going “too well” I didn’t spent as much time in conversation with God.  And then I was very surprised when things weren’t going well and I felt like falling apart.  Last night I prayed for health for Boeta, wisdom for the doctors and strength for me.  And today I received all 3 things I asked for.  Boeta got the medicines he needed to feel well again, the doctors decided to give him a rest day and I got a day off from anaesthetic to reload.  So tomorrow we will continue with whatever needs to happen.  Please join us in prayer for no side-effects, wise doctors, healthy children and strong parents. 

Now I am going to phone my guys in hospital and send telephone bedtime kisses.  Good night!


2 Responses

  1. Ai vrou, ek hoop die bloed oortapping het ok gegaan. Ek dink aan julle! Ek hoop rerig dit gaan ok deur die nag.




  2. Hallo!
    Suzanne, sterkte. Dit kan seker nie maklik wees nie en sal seker nooit maklik wees nie. Maar weet dat ons almal vir julle bid, vir gesondheid ( vir Wouterman en vir jou & Wouter ), vir insig en helder denke vir die dokters en KRAG vir jou en Wouter om elke dag op sy eie deur te kom.
    Ek dink en bid baie vir julle.

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